Posting pictures

  1. I was so worried about my moms bag that i forgot to show u what i purchsed!!! I am trying to post pics but everytime i upload it says invalid file...neone know why?? :sad:
  2. Maybe the size is too big.
  3. Yea, you probably need to resize them. You can do that using the paint program on your cpu.
  4. i tried still not working :sad:

    let me try again
  5. still not working :sad:
  6. What is it telling you when you try to upload the pics?
  7. Did you resize it ??

    Just open the picture and save as..I think it should resize it . Attach and upload.

    Good luck
  8. yeah i open them in paint so i can resize them

    and even on my other pc when i upload it says invalid file
    but i was able to post pictures a few weeks ago...werid
  9. try loading them through or another hosting site. Always works for me, are they JPGs?
  10. Are they jpegs or one of the other file types mentioned in manage attachments?
  11. hmm im not sure let me see
  12. *waiting for the picture :smile:*
  13. hey guys i did it! my thread is called finally i did it!!