Posting Pics

  1. I keep trying to post pics and I guess my file is too large how do I make it smaller?
  2. I'll agree that it seems like the file limit size is REALLY small...especially with newer digital cameras these days... I'm having a difficult time cropping the photos smaller and smaller to make the file small enough (even using the lowest grade quality setting on my camera)... Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  3. You don't need to make the photo smaller necessarily, I post pics up to 1200x1200 all the time. You need to compress them to make their KB's smaller.
    You can do this by adjusting the quality settings on your camera or your photo editing software - or look for a "Compress Photo" option in your software.

    Which software do you use?
  4. No sweat!

    Some hosting sites like ImageShack offer the option of resizing (and therefore lowering the file size) of the image you want to upload. :smile: