Posting Pics in Ebay

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  1. Hi Ebayers!

    I have been selling for a few years now, but nothing crazy (I have sold around 100 items). I always make my listings in the most basic style because it's easiest for me.

    My question is this: is it possible to use image hosting websites (like photobucket) to display pictures in the auction? I'm thinking it would get around fees, but allow me to display the pictures in a different way, KWIM?

    This may be a silly question! Any input would be very much appreciated, or alternative ways of displaying pics in the listing would be helpful.

    Thanks everyone for your time!
  2. you can, but i don't know how! this is a little bump for you, until someone who knows how can tellyou more!
    i think you have to use a program, like isale or something to do it right, though.
  3. These instructions were posted on another thread--

    Go to your photobucket album and check the photos you want to put in your eBay listing, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Generate html" and wait a moment. A new page opens with the code you need (it is the first type shown.) click on that code and it will be highlighted. Now (stay with me here =) press (on your keyboard) the control key ( Ctrl, just below the Shift key on the left) and the "C" key AT THE SAME TIME.

    Now, go to your eBay listing description, place the curser where you want the pictures to show up, and press AT THE SAME TIME the Control key and the "V" key.

    Voila' =)
  4. thanks for the instructions on how to do that, i think i will give it a shot on my next auction too!
  5. Make sure when you use Photobucket that you make the images large enough because otherwise photobucket shrinks them. Use the 400 X 600 rather than the default.
  6. I've had no experience of Photobucket, but I do use Auctiva. It's free, and you can have as many photos as you like, but eBay doesn't charge you. It took a little getting used to compared to Ebay listings, but the other advantage is that you can use it to schedule listings (which is also free, compared to being charged on Ebay!)
  7. I use there is a yearly fee but you soon make it up in what you save in ebay picture fees. You can edit your pics in it & watermark also.
  8. yes, you can use Photobucket as they described and my favorite part is that as soon as I get the $, I delete the photos from Photobucket and they're gone from eBay then too.
    That cuts down on people stealing your photos:yes:
  9. Swanky Mama- thanks for that tip and now I know why the pictures I had posted here of my collection vanished-
  10. LOL.... you see there's an explanation for everything bet you thought the aliens did it!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. LOL
  12. WOW thank you for these tips i am going to try them!
    had no idea you could do the control c and control v on a sale! will try asap and report back!
  13. Thanks everybody for your tips and instructions! Ebay's fees have been bugging me lately so even though it's a bit sly, I would like to try to get around some of them. Thanks for your help!!
  14. you guys crack me up:roflmfao: it was actually dh "cleaning up" the computer- thank goodness I didn't have anything for sale on ebay the pictures would have disappeared:wtf:
  15. OMG, keep him away from it LOL get him to do the ironing you will clean the PC :roflmfao: