Posting Photos

  1. Hooray, it works:smile: Thanks Vlad!
  2. Testing...
  3. test
  4. Please excuse my test!
  5. testing, sorry
  6. testing
  7. Q: After clicking posting reply, I type my message in the reply box above, then go to attachments click, to browse click, upload click, then what???click close window, click submit reply then what??????? no photo has been showing up like I got it to do b-4.
    Am I making any sense at all?????Thnx:blink:
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  9. i did it, yah, what a great feelin'! Its a rush to finally get something youve been trying to get forever.
  10. K I'm just gonna do a test here also.
    Chanel Box - edit.JPG
  11. oh joy of all joys it worked!
  12. for some reason i can't post pics ne more, so another test
    Shopping BAgs 1 - edit.JPG
  13. I know this has been talked about before, but I can't find the thread.

    Once I take digital pictures and upload them to my computer, how do I resizr them so that I can post them? I want to post my collection, but am having a great deal of trouble doing so.

    thanks in advance
  14. i use correl photo shop and under the tools bar on top i click and click resize. i have the same option with photoshop. i reduce the size to the correct pixels size for posting and save it.
    sorry if i am not too much help:shame: . check to see if you have the option under tools or edit when you open up your pictures file.
  15. I use picasa and it doesn't seem to have a sizing option.