Posting Photos

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  1. Trying to screen shot
  2. Something's wrong with the app. I choose the smaller picture size, still saying too large. I even downloaded my old picture post & try to re-upload, still the same message. I can't post any pictures right now. Using iphoneX
  3. It's working again all of sudden. :smile:
  4. It comes and goes and it's not just the app at the moment it's gone again
  5. No, it's not just the app. I'm using a full feature browser on a laptop and only just started having the same problem. The pic I was trying to post is only 651x500 pixels and 247 kb.
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  6. Same with me.
    im having the same msg that my photos are too big. This happened on my mini ipad2 and iPhone 8
  7. I guess it comes & goes. Having problem again & it was fine earlier. The loading stops at 95% & gives the error message.
  8. Mine just will not show the photo button on bottom, keyboard in the way and you can’t move it. Anyone had success fixing this?? On iphone max xs
  9. Mine still doesn’t work, it’s been a month, any ideas??
  10. are you talking about your the app or your iphone?
  11. The app won’t allow me the button to post photos. My phone works fine it’s new, not a phone isssue. The keyboard is in the way of the button that is usually at bottom screen to attach photo.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I think you have to allow the app permission to access the photos saved on your phone.
  14. photo upload [​IMG] photo upload test from Tapatalk IMG_0487.JPG
  15. Anyone having probs unloading photos via the app...its working using website but I cant upload a photo using the app.