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  1. Test to see if a post works with NO photos...
  2. -if it has testicles or tires, it's going to give you trouble-

  3. ;) speaking from experience, that is....
  4. test
    ok when i try to attach a photo i get an error message that the "browser sent a message that the server couldn't understand"
    Do what??
    In lay terms what am I doing wrong? I am using a MAC with Lion?
  5. Trying to figure out how to resize my pics....

  6. One more test

  7. testing..

  8. testing..

  9. hi there,
    i'm trying to attach my pic using instagram but it just shows the links. What am i doing wrong here. Appreciate your tips:smile:

    This is my first time attaching pic. I can't seems to directly attach pic from my laptop or hp too:sad:

    I have Instagram and also TPF apps, but not sure what i'm doing so far.

  10. testing

  11. Eek! I can't remember what I did, I see you have a photoposted though - so did you figure it out? I did something with the share link, but I cannot remember what it was now!


  12. yep..finally I get it..hehe..sometimes I can be so slow at this kinda things:smile:

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  14. [​IMG]