Posting photos on a Paypal Claim

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  1. Hey, so I have opened up a paypal claim and I want to post photos, but can't seem to figure it out. I called paypal and they were supposed to email me the info of how to email or fax photos, but they never emailed me. I also wrote paypal and they responded with a form letter that did not have the information.
    Does anyone know how to upload photos for a claim?
  2. I uploaded pics on a photosharing website and put the link in the comments section of my PP dispute.
  3. I'm assuming that you have already escalated your dispute into a PayPal claim that PP will rule on. If this is the case, you cannot upload photos to the claim anymore.

    During the dispute stage, it gives you the option to submit photos as evidence. If you did not do this before the claim was escalated, you probably won't be able to do it unless PayPal asks you to submit additional evidence. This is unfortunate because if the other party may escalate the claim before you even have a chance to upload anything.

    Generally, once a dispute has been escalated to a claim the only way to provide any more information is via telephone. It doesn't matter who escalated it, both parties are restricted from providing any additional information electronically at that point, and the "Contact Us" webform is fairly useless (it just sends you an e-mail about how they're sorry that you're going through a dispute).

    I recently had a claim with PayPal and did not post photos before I escalated it. When I contacted PayPal, they e-mailed me the instructions on how to add evidence to a dispute, but since it had already been escalated, the instructions no longer applied. I still won the claim even without the photos. However, if the claim goes into an appeal by the losing party, you will have the option to post photos again during the appeal process.