Posting photos of Louis Vuitton All Vachetta Limited edition bags

  1. Happy birthday to your Speedy!
    She is a beauty! I love the patina on her.
  2. Hello all. I was obsessing about getting an all-vachetta Alma for years but was nervous about having to baby it. After reading this thread, looking at the incredible results by Docride, Elliespurse and Ladyraven65, I decided to take the plunge.

    I bought a 'new to me' preloved Alma riddled with water spots. And begins the layering of Blackrock and Obenaufs.... She was a special order in 1997, assuming that as the date code isn't easily viewed.

    The first three pics are before any treatment. The leather was so dry, it felt like paper, definitely needed some conditioning. After six layers of Blackrock, she's smooth, feels softer and many of the scratches are gone. You can still see the water spots but it adds character. Plus as she is conditioned over time and patinas, the spots will lessen. Elliespurse likens it to freckles, I love that!

    So here is my latest beauty, and I will love her for years! Thanks Elliespurse for your guidance and to Docride for posting all the information along with the proper products to use.
    Copy of back in canada 108.jpg Copy of back in canada 109.jpg Copy of back in canada 223.jpg Copy of back in canada 287.jpg Copy of back in canada 303.jpg
  3. plastic-fish - Congrats on finding this beautiful Alma! :love: She's gorgeous and the last pics with the treatment really shows the character and depth with the freckles. Looking closely is like reading an old book telling a story :girlsigh: Post more pics along the way.
  4. Congrats on your beautiful Alma! Ellie and Doc were also my inspiration for taking the leap and deciding to get an VVN All-Vachetta bag! The leather is just beautiful and as it ages the character and color/patina it develops is wonderful. Enjoy your gorgeous bag!!
  5. Thanks for your guidance and yes, I love the shine after the
    Blackrock and buffing. A labour of love... Take care of your beauties as well.
  6. Thank you, ladyraven65, I can't wait to see how she ages. And you as well, please take care of your gorgeous noe, her color is incredibly fabulous!
  7. Congrats plastic-fish, it's lovely! I hope to get one some day :smile:
  8. Thank you CookieLady, I highly recommend getting an all vachetta bag. Now that she's properly protected, I have no fear to carry her. Have a great day!
  9. OMG ! I love your vache noe !:cool:
  10. Wow - you did a fantastic job. It reminds me of beautiful birds-eye maple.
  11. Thank you Lilarose. She definitely has a gorgeous color, birds-eye maple is a perfect comparison. Well, birds-eye maple with freckles ;). Have a great day!
  12. Dear Ladies,
    After drooling looking at your pictures I started looking for a preowned all vachetta speedy, it became an obsession, and at last I found one!
    And it's arriving.
    I noticed water stains I'm going to treat as doc said and I'll let you know the results.
    I was just wondering: since these SO speedies don't come with the strap, how should I do if I want one? Could I ask LV to apply holes or is it better to forget the idea of the strap? TIA!
  13. Babi - Congrats on finding a vachetta Speedy! :biggrin: can't wait to see pics!

    I know some just clip a LV strap on the hardware for the handles, I think it's the only option but was not recommended by LV in the past.. They said the Speedy style was meant to be hand carried (that was before LV started making Speedy's with straps though).
  14. Thank you Elliespurse!
    I'll think about it, when I'll receive the bag.
    I'll have the time while treating with the the way, I really hope the water stains will blend nicely with time, giving character to the bag. We'll see.
  15. I have enjoyed looking at all your vachetta beauties and reading how you care for them. With that said, it encouraged me to purchase my first all vachetta speedy. It is 19 years old, Japan edition and happily nourished with Doc's method.
    The first two is before conditioning and the last two is after (lost count after 10+ coats..but well worth the work)! Pics dont show it much, but the bag got a lot darker and richer in color!
    IMG_2001_sm.jpg IMG_2004_sm.jpg IMG_2091_sm.jpg IMG_2092_sm.jpg