Posting on behalf of other TPF members...

  1. I have noticed that some members often email other TPF members to post their questions.

    *How do they know who to PM?

    *Are there certain TPF members responsible for posting questions for members?

    *Did I miss the thread or rules/message about posting for someone esle in the forum?

    TIA!!! :smile:

    Oh, and thanks for allowing members to post on behalf of others, I think it's great!
  2. Thank you PK!

    I am not very active in the Health and Fitness forum (although I should be :shame:smile:, so I missed the thread.
  3. That is a really sweet thing to do!

    There are some really nice things that go on around here. I can't really think of any other place on the internets where I have seen people do such thoughtful things for each other.
  4. Yeah, I have no idea??? Its not a problem in my eyes, but I also waonder HOW certain members get chosen??
  5. ^^Sunshine, from my understanding, they just volunteered. They just added their name to that thread. :smile:
  6. I guess I volunteered in the thread. Also a few of us post a lot on the GD/family&relationship/parenting forum, and some of the posters know us via PM when we've corresponded or commiserated with them about other things in their lives.
  7. :tup: I think its get some good ones Merika!!
  8. I volunteered, too.

    I'm so glad the mods and admins are okay with this, because it solves the "I'm too embarrassed to post this question. What do I do?" problem. In the past, people have been opening new accounts with a different screen names just to post their question.

    That's completely verboten.

    So a number of us were discussing possible solutions and someone came up with the "Scared? I will post your question for you!" idea.

    Megs pinned the topic and those who were interested to be anonymous question posters added their names to the list.
  9. I'm so glad someone mentioned this here, I just volunteered. As someone who cannot remember being embarrassed by something that wasn't a typo, I felt it my duty to offer my services!