Posting high demand items...

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  1. Is there a consensus about whether it's a good or bad idea to post a bag that we all know many members want?

    I felt bad after posting the rasta oxford last time, b/c you know, I root for people to get the item they want, and if there's more than one person who wants it, then I feel confused. I decided after that last time that I didn't want to post any more potentially high-demand bags, but then last night, I saw the rasta montego/cambridge (it's a montego, but it's listed as a cambridge), and the starting price was 150. I really wanted to post it, but I decided not to, in case someone wanted to bid quietly. But today, the price shot up to 400, and I thought - what a shame if someone did want it.

    So how do people feel about this? My sincere wish is to be helpful to other members, and I would love to know how you guys feel about it.

  2. lamblove8..i don't think it's a bad idea, and yes i do understand that you would feel bad in case someone else does want it....but if no one knew, then all the lambies would loose out. :-/

    for example, i saw that rasta montego...i asked the seller about it, she sent me an email and was willing to sell it to me as a BIN for $400...which in the end, she ended up selling it to someone for that price....she said she wanted at least that for it. if that was the case, she should have placed that in the listing.

    so i'm on the fence...yes and no
  3. lol, agreed, it's a confusing issue.
    I almost wanted to just place a bid when I saw it at 150. I didn't want to purchase it myself, but I knew someone else would want it, and if I had just placed the bid, the seller wouldn't have been able to jump it to 400 dollars.

    I didn't realize that it had already sold, however, so it looks like my efforts may have hindered someone who wanted to purchase the bag if I had gone ahead and bid at the 150.

    So perhaps it is best to just let things be in circumstances like that...

    Eh, oh well. Thanks so much for offering your opinion, though. It's a sticky issue, and I appreciate having your input. ;)
  4. I also contacted the buyer when it was at $150 asking about a BIN, and she offered $400 -- I was hoping it would be less, so I decided to pass on it. In this case I feel like even if it started at $150, the bidding would have gone pretty close to $400 anyway -- just my sense.

    But I agree, it's a tough call whether or not to post things like that. No one wants to go into a bidding war with another lambie intentionally, but when some things are posted here it's hard to avoid it. At the same time, you want everyone to know about good finds in case they want them! Ahhh thinking about it makes my head spin. I don't think there's a clear black and white answer on this one.
  5. IMO it's nice to alert the lambies about a highly coveted bag because after all, that's what we do, help each other learn about and get the LAMB bags and items we want.

    However, many people view this forum who do not post. There are thousands of LAMB lovers who don't even know about our forum. So you will always have competition from people here, and people we never know about. I have two friends who have never joined the board, yet I know they actively scan ebay, Bonz, and Livejournal for LAMB.

    I think the spirit of the forum is friendly, but I do know people will hold back on some information, or only inform friends about a deal or auction, and I think that is ok too. Personally, over the few years I have been here, the LAMB forum has been extremely beneficial to me to find the bags I covet. Most of the people here are genuinely great people too. Once in a while we get a stinker or chronic complainer, but they usually don't stick around too long.

    I used to think we were this tight little group of Lambies who were the only ones who talked about and cherished LAMB, but after going to No Doubt and Gwen concerts, holy cow, I saw hundreds, if not thousands of LAMB lovers. Kinda put things into perspective for me. So if I see something I want really bad, I will be aggressive about it obtaining that item. Well, as aggressive as my bank account will allow :P. But I will also post items that I know other Lambies would love to get themselves too.

    So to wrap this long-winded reply up: IMO it's nice to post about highly coveted bags, but in the end, there could be many people who want the same thing you want and they have an equal chance of getting what they want too. Win some - lose some. But by reading this forum, I definetely think it gives you an edge.

    I truly hope I don't offend anyone with this reply. Sometimes I have trouble expressing my opinion in a manner that sounds pleasant. You know I love you guys :flowers:
  6. I don't see the problem with posting hard to find items. Like veyda already said there are already other people out there that are looking at those same auctions. I love that lambies are willing to post great finds that they see, but unless something has a BIN price I don't see how people can virtually claim an item unless they end up being the highest bidder.
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    I do remember an incident a couple years ago though, where a poster mentioned she found an item by phone in a Dallas area store. She posted about it on the forum, and someone went and purchased or charge sent the bag before she got to the store. She was extremely upset. So there is an example of where you wouldn't want to publicly announce your findings.
  8. ^ omg thats just wrong.

    and i agree with your long winded statement above :heart:

    i almost always will post a good deal. even if it is a highly sought after item..

    umm i think if it was a rasta eton or alston or something i wouldnt post it because its my dream bag..but im sure it would be posted anyways :P
  9. I remember that, that was so shady!! To me her posting that she was picking a bag up from a store is different than an open auction on Ebay or Bonanzle.
  10. There was some discussion in the Deals thread about "calling" items up for auction, and I think this is the elephant in the room. I know it ruffled some feathers.
  11. I'm chiming in:

    Deals on Ebay and store websites are public and ANYONE, not just members here, can see them. I can't see any reason why these would not be posted for public viewing.

    What I don't agree with, and don't advocate is the public announcement of a highly coveted item at a particular store. If you know that a member has posted that they are seeking this item (as in the "looking for LAMB" thread), then kindly send a PM asking if the person is still interested. This can be done with BIN items as well.

    If the individual is no longer interested, or cannot afford the item at this time, then post away.

    As for "calling dibs" on ebay items - that's not possible. Seriously, it's unrealistic to have all other members back off an item just because someone "calls" it. Ebay is the luck of the bid. If there's an item that I want just as much as someone else - then I'm going for it. And so should anyone else.
  12. ^^I completely agree!
  13. yvalenz pretty much said everything I was going to! So +1 to her post :biggrin:
  14. I also agree with everything Y said. ;)
  15. Honestly, I don't even look at that thread anymore. Once a thread derails I don't have time to sift through all the other stuff to get back to the topic at hand. And this is one of the many reasons we need our mod to come in here and tidy this place up.