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  1. aww thanks :love: no psych for me, i'm a double major in sociology and magazine journalism, but the soc major will probably drop down to a minor b/c i don't want to go through the hassle of being advised twice every semester (the two majors are within two different colleges within my university, meaning i have to go talk to two separate people about my registration) and the soc major was really just for fun anyway. social psychology has been one of my favorite classes in college, though, so if your school offers it, i recommend it highly! what's your major?
  2. That's interesting. I bet you have to take a lot of English classes. :amuse: I love English. I don't have a major yet, because we're not allowed to declare until we have 60 credits or more. My major is going to be a double major because I want to be a teacher. Early Childhood Education and English. I think I might have to take some classes like social psyhcology. I know I have to take a family psychology course when I do my major. Which sounds interesting.
  3. actually i only have to take the english that everyone else is required to take, and i exempted out of it because of my test grades in high school. i've taken a couple comparative lit classes as electives, but mostly the journalism school has all of it's own classes - writing, history, law, ethics, layout, etc. we get a little bit of everything! and really the only way a psych class can be boring is if you hate the subject or have a horrible prof - most of the stuff is fascinating.
  4. Did you take the AP test? I did and got a four and they put me in English 2 and gave me the credits for English 1, but I didn't have to take it. I'm only asking because, I known very few people who took it besdies for people in my senior class. :weird: I think it's good journalist majors get such varied courses. It will make the writing better. Psychology is interesting. :amuse:
  5. yeah, my class had both AP englishes, AP lit and AP language, we took AP language first, i took the test for that. got a 5, it got me the credit for both freshman english courses plus i didn't have to take the AP lit test! my college will only give up to 6 hours of english credit for ap courses, and my first test was enough for that. lol i think that was the best part of getting the 5.

    and my major has been really fascinating thus far, my college luckily has one of the top programs in the country (we give out the peabody awards) so the profs are sooooo interesting.
  6. At my school we too use ids. They are jealous because tyou are younger and making good grades.
    That sounds like me in highschool, I was in classes with just juniors and seniors when i was a freshman i, i was making better grades and because of that i was berbally abused. I acctually purposly failed a test and bragged about it... durb i know... never do what i i did,... be proud of your grade and always im higher.
    Also remember that most colege students don't know how to study, everything was handed to them in highschool. I know i fall in that catogory.. but im learnign fast... By the way what school do you attend?
  7. It's sooooo cool to find someone else who took the AP test. I don't know my university's limit, because I only took 1 AP test. :sad2: I wish I would have took two. I'm glad your major is interesting. Your college sound great. :amuse:
  8. Awww, they sound like they were really mean to you. :sad2: They were just jealous. I attend NJCU, how about you?
  9. I'm taking 4 ap classes next year... and 3 the following year... the college im planning on attending only requires a 3 on the test... so i might as well.
  10. Are you a sophomore?
  11. AP was a way of life at my high school, i came in to college with over a semester's worth of credit plus another 9 hours that i could exempt without credit (like i don't have to take the class, but the credit for it doesn't show on my transcript). i took 3-4 AP classes every year. i didn't know it at the time, but i read in Atlanta Magazine last month that my high school had the most in the state - crazy, huh? a friend of mine used to get soooo mad that all of my high school friends got to skip most of their core classes because she went to a small school that had no AP. the school was really big on everyone that wanted to taking honors or AP. i had some awesome teachers, they prepared me very well for the rigors of college.

    and i love my college :love: :love: :love: . i go to the University of Georgia, and forget Disenyland - UGA is the happiest place on earth! it's a nice mix of academics and social activities and it's so big that there's a little something for everyone. plus i adore college football. where do you go (if you don't mind me asking)?