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  1. I just got my test back from my Geos class and I got the highest grade in the class. :nuts: My professor posts the grades up so everyone can see everyone elses. People got like 40s and 50s. I think the second highest grade was a 66. My grade was a 87. Everyone seems all mad at me. They're like how long did you study?! You did better than me?! You're only a freshmen... :cry: I think they should be mad at themselves for not studying, and mind their own business. I wish my professor hadn't posted up the grades in front of everyone. :sad2:
  2. That happened to me a couple of years ago in a political theory class I took over the summer. I got a perfect score on the test, I had studied and I found the class interesting. The professor handed back the exams, then called me by name in front of everyone and told the class that I was the only one who had a perfect score on the test :shame: Needless to say, I got a bunch of dirty looks :suspiciou I kept the test, though :lol:

    It's your classmates' fault for not studying and doing well. Don't feel bad for getting a good grade, you studied hard and you deserve it. Congrats! :nuts:
  3. Congrats on your grade! you shouldnt be ashamed be proud everyone else is just angry because they can't get that too i say post the grade and put mine in BOLD lol
  4. those people are just looking for external blame for their internal failings. it's easier to focus on you than it is to focus on their failure. ignore them!

    sociologists call it the 'fundamental attribution error' - they failed, but it's because of their busy lives and unforgiving class schedule and crazy professors. you passed, but it's because you're an ******* that likes to make everyone else look bad. at least that's what's going on in their heads...

    i learned a lot in my social psych class last semester...
  5. wow! they publish your name next to your grades? in alberta we have the FOIP act...or maybe it extends to the rest of Canada i'm not sure..anyways, profs can't publish marks with student's names. we have id's.

    but congrats on the good grade! nothing to feel bad about!
  6. To hell with them !!! You did great and thats all that matters,

    Are you going to celebrate ?
  7. Congratulations! You should celebrate. And by celebrate I mean buy a new bag. :smile:
  8. Once my professor pointed out the top five test grades in our class, and went around and told us to tell the other students how we got the grade.

    I wasn't embarassed, I was like "hell yeah, I actually studied really hard and it paid off!" :-P

    Usually I prefer things to be kept anyonomous, because I can never ever be consistant with tests, I'm an unnaturally bad test taker. :-P

    whatev. congrats and try to understand that people are going to be a little pissed, because it sounds like a really hard test to begin with.
  9. I get high grades when I was in college. People just always seem to know, they ask me and stuff. I don't lie but I don't tell unless I'm asked.

    You worked hard for it. I know some may give you dirty looks but just ignore them.
  10. Congrats!

    Don't listen to your classmates, sounds like they are a little jealous. They shouldn't be mad at you because you take the class seriously. If they wanted a higher grade maybe they should have studied harder!
  11. Congrats on a high score! Don't let other people's jealousy make you feel bad for your hard work. It's something to be proud of.
  12. At least you had the high score :biggrin: I like when professors post grades like that, it actually makes me try a bit harder even though I'm usually up there anyway. It becomes kind of like a competition :lol:
  13. Well, not all of the professors do it. I've only been in university two semesters and this is the first I've known to do so. He has like an attendance chart which he also uses to keep grades. He made a copy of it and put it up in front of the class so we could all see.
  14. You guys are all so sweet and SMART! :amuse: You classy ladies sound like very educated people. Amanda, are you going to be a psychologist? You sound like you'd make a good one. Thanks for being so nice and offering your opinions. I fell better now. I aslo talked to my mom and she was proud. :love: Am I going to celebrate? Yeah, I'm gonna chow down on brownies my mom baked yesterday. A bag? No, but my b-day is soon, so hopefully a new bag is in the cards. hehe Thanks for listening. :biggrin:
  15. We have IDs for the university and our marks are generally posted for the class via ID, but this does nothing for people with unusual last names which invariably lands them at a certain place on the list, e.g. always at the end.

    But whatever I suppose, those haters can hate all they want, they know that I'm smarter ! ;)

    What really bothers me is when professors try to cheat the blind marking system that is set up in our school's law department. Students are assigned a seperate, random number in class, and professors mark students by numbers and he's never supposed to make the connection between the student and the work. This is kind of defeated when the professor forces students to pick up papers in class by seperating them up into what your number begins with and calling out e.g. all the students with 1 come and get your paper. Ah jerk law prof. :wacko: