Posting 30% code for Karizma

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  1. 30% Off through March 31st
    Use Code Member30% at checkout
  2. Wow! This makes the black Kooba Sienna, which is already on sale:

    SubTotal -$545.00 - sale price
    Promo Discount - $163.50
    New SubTotal - $381.50
    Shipment Fee - Shipment Method: Ground - $15.95
    Total - $397.45:amazed:

  3. Tempting!
  4. I am so bummed!!! I really want the Kooba Sienna in the color cognac. Karizma does not have that color. Do you know anywhere else to get it with a discount or a coupon code?
  5. Awww how come it says Sales price $595??? :sad:
  6. Sale must be over! You can still use the 30% though - there's only a difference of $35 on the bottom line between the old sale price and the reg price. Still worth it if it's a bag someone wants!
  7. i love karizmaboutique! i just bought a medium Autumn Red Bulga a few weeks ago and Shellie (the woman i corresponded with) was so friendly and sweet and it came in the cutest box!! i highly recommend them :smile: