Posted this in the ebay section but--

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  1. No one has posted to my thread "over there" so since this was a Coach purse I thought I'd run it by you guys

    What should I do about this? Need some help
    I recently won a purse on Ebay for $40. It's an older purse and I thought I was getting a great bargain. The seller said that it "looked to be gently used" and only stated that it had lost one of it's rhinestones.
    I didn't ask for any additional pictures because I thought for $40 I couldn't lose.

    Well---when I got the purse it looked good on the outside but when I looked inside I saw that the lining has many red ink marks-one side especially!!! Very noticeable-obviously she couldn't miss them and choose not to disclose them!

    I emailed her two days ago and haven't heard a word back! I like the purse and want to keep it but I feel she needs to offer me some sort of partial refund . I'm not even sure I would have bid on it had I seen those marks! I guess I'm feeling reluctant about all this because I only paid $40--not $400!!

    Should I email her again and mention the partial refund? I'd be happy with $10 back.

    It's beyond me how a seller can just ignore emails like this

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA

    So what do you guys think? Is there any way to get red ink out of a green lining?
  2. The seller should have disclosed this but she can also say that you didn't ask for additional pics so honestly, both of you are at fault ... how did she word her description??? Were you lead to believe the inside of the bag was in excellent condition??? You can always file with Ebay and Paypal.
  3. The seler should have full disclosed the issues with the bag.. Even if they were selling it for a great price...

    You need to set up a complaint with Ebay and have them Solve it or if you used Paypal go to them...Paypal is really great to work with and they will help out..

    The seller can ignor you but not Ebay or Paypal..

    PM if you have any questions.. This just happend to me with a seller and it has been resolved.. In my favor thank Goodness...
  4. Thanks for the replies!

    Ashnickers-I didn't ask for any additional pics because I was naive enough to believe that she would have mentioned red pen marks on the lining. I mean these are marks you can't miss!

    Thanks Coach Addict for offering to help to walk me through this. I think I'll just suck it up,keep the bag and hopefully learn how to get the marks out of the lining.

    As I said before -the fact that the bag only cost me $40 makes me feel foolish to even be thinking this way:ninja:
  5. I have a similar situation going on right now. The seller stated it was an authentic Coach bag and turns out when I got it, it was a FAKE! they are not responding to me. So I filed a complaint with Ebay. I spent $50 on a FAKE! I'm so angry. That's a lot of money to lose. :pout:
  6. Sorry to hear about the problems with Ebay!!!! Can I ask what bag you got???
    If you do a search about cleaning lining, I am sure something will come up!! With Pen, I have used Hair spray!!! Aerosal can.
    Good Luck!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. Ponytail - Octoberschilde makes a point $40 dollars is alot of money to spend or loss on something that is not what it should have been.. You should try with Ebay or Paypal because it is not what you paid for..

    I am so sorry Octoberschilde that is really aweful..
  8. Op, I'd suggest you just return it for a full refund... I mean if you aren't happy with it as it is now, is a partial refund really going to make you love it any more?

    Hoping you get something resolved to your desire...