Posted bail and got my new 05' Black City!! Pale Pink Hobo too!!

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  1. Spring/Summer 05' Black City = Perfection!!!
    I've just added this to my showcase and thought I'd share here.

    I LOVE this bag!!!

    Thank you Pelinaka, you are a pro, fun and keep your bags immaculate!! This bag is ABSOLUTELY MINT! :nuts:

    (dude, did you ever use it?!)

    I'm sooooo happy, worth all of the effort!

    ALSO.... the pale pink hobo (the $500 BIN bag?) that i sold to my girlfriend (who is also on the PF now, she had no idea I was even here)
    She received it yesterday.
    Man, the seller sent it in TWO PAPER BAGS.
    That's it!
    Luckily for her (seller) nothing happened to the bag.
    black city.jpg blackbag.jpg
  2. !!!
    aaahobo.jpg aaapaperbag.jpg
  3. My daughter made me change out of this little Marni top, so I'm not wearing it today. She, instead, dressed me like an English secretary that's half changed out of her riding clothes...because I'm attending her kindergarten class with her this morning and
    "The Marni top looks too weird."

    -ps... I would have worn black boots in with this outfit, but my daughter insisted on the brown. "the brown matches the little top, the black top matches your bag. aand she took the picture, so I obliged.
  4. So glad that your city posted bail, it's such a shame to have her locked up like that. She's beautiful and the leather looks absolutely smooshy. Congrats on your black city!

    Did your pink hobo come from the UK? Cause everytime I buy something from the UK on Ebay, all my purchases have always come in an envelope or a paper bag, never a box. Maybe it's just too expensive sending things in a box, at least the hobo wasn't damaged.
  5. It did come from the UK. I have had that durable plastic type of paper before, but never brown paper bag.
  6. I am so glad your bag is home safe and sound. The black city is gorgeous - I love pre-owned, pre-loved bags and yours looks amazing. Too funny about the paper bag wrapping - that is just crazy. Glad the bag suffered no damage becuase of it.
  7. Aww, YAY!!! You finally got it. It was so much fun talking on the phone with you. You sound as cute as you look! :wlae:

    The bag looks fabulous on you - as usual Winona :supacool:
  8. ^^^I purchased clothes and they send it just like that in a brown bag ... no plastic covering the clothes just a brown bag like that.

    Also I swear you make me sick ... you always looks so good with your bags! LOL Seriously, you wear it well!
  9. Un. Be. Lievable. !!! Wow. :wtf:

    Back when I collected pottery, I would always be very anal about telling the seller my expectations about exactly how they should pack the pottery (e.g., sturdy box, large enough to allow for at LEAST 3 inches of packing material surrounding the object on ALL SIDES, packed TIGHTLY, etc., etc.). I once received a teapot in shards because the seller just packed it loosely wrapped in newspapers ... in a flimsy box. :Push:

    I hadn't really thought about needing to discuss packaging with B-bag sellers ... but I think I will from now on!!!

    Congrats on your lovely new acquisitions!! :yahoo:
  10. You sound like a blast. I wanted to go for drinks and dinner with you after our converstion. :lol:
  11. it's beautiful --- and of course it is even more gorgeous on you!!! :love:
  12. It's beautiful !!! :love:
    Congrats !!!
  13. lookit the leather on that black city. yum!

    it really irks me when sellers send $$$ worth of bags in paper.
  14. It's gorgeous and so are you Winona! Beautiful! =)
  15. The bag is gorgeous and so are you!

    How cute that your daughter gives you fashion advice, that is adorable.