Postal Service delivered to wrong address - HELP

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  1. Hi everyone - this is my first post here and I'm freaking out a bit. The seller send me my item with sig. confirm and insurance. I checked the tracking number and it said it was delivered (I assumed someone had to sign for it then, right?) to the correct address (street,etc.) but WRONG ZIP CODE! Who knows where my package is now!

    So what do I do about this? Will the postal service cover insurance since it was delivered to the wrong address - but of course how do they know it's the wrong address since the package was signed for and delivered.

    I'm freaking out - what can I do here?
  2. Did you map out the address with the other zip code & then see the distance seperating your address to that address?

    I would like to think the PO would honor the insurance because the correct zip code was not utilized.

    You can prove it was the wrong address my showing a bill in your name or your ID with your correct address on it. (or I'd like to think)
  3. I think that if there isn't your signature on the acceptance sheet, the delivery is disputable, and the assurance must pay. I think they are obliged to verify who is accepting it...
  4. I'm just worried that they'll have no way of knowing that it was REALLY my package. I printed out the postal service track & confirm page and I'm taking it to the P.O. with my drivers license. Does that seem like enough proof?
  5. I can only speak for the USA delivery with insurance & signature. If I recall correctly- they request an ID to verify if the person signing for them is the person it was addressed to. Now, if the PO worker didn't follow protocol, than that's not your fault nor should it be your problem. Go to the PO, take the tracking page, your ID & say "listen, this package was apparently delivered to the wrong address & the wrong person, I'd like to put in a claim for the insurance on it, as it was a valuable item" or something to that effect.

    They'll know it was meant to be sent to you because the package should have YOUR name on it. It shouldn't be your fault that the package was sent to the wrong address.

    Next question: who messed up on the zip code?
  6. ^^The PO (of course!) The sender addressed it correctly - my postal office (D.C.) !#@%&%#$^% messed it up.

    I'm going there now to see what they say: thanks for the responses everyone. Stay tuned! :flowers:
  7. I am confused. Was the wrong zip on the package or is it the couriers fault. Please check which zip code your seller used, it may be that they used the wrong one. In any case your name would have been on it so the recipient should not have signed for it..
  8. Please let us know how it turns out.