Postal Question

  1. If you ship something via USPS and you buy insurance on the package...say it is lost...what if you don't have a receipt to prove its worth? How does it work then?
    (I suppose you could have pictures of the item etc., but how does that work? Will the Post Office uphold the value you paid for?)

    ex: Vintage wouldn't have a receipt most likely.

    Is it different with UPS?

    Just wondering this and I figured you all would be able to help
  2. I think you MUST have the receipt with proof of insurance..never happened to me...BUT I always keep the receipts in a folder when I I have them in case of any issue
  3. Maybe if there's also a tracking number, that's linked to the insurance number? I bet UPS would be willing to bend over to search for the insurance, but USPS will not.
  4. I don't know if you understand me??? What if the item in the box you are shipping does not have a receipt to prove what you paid for it?

    I mean you still insure it and have all the proof of insurance/receipts for that box, BUT will the post office hand you over the dollar amount you insured for or do you need a receipt for the item in the box proving its cost?

    Hope I made that clear.
  5. No-you just need to insure it and it doesnt need an actual receipt...As long as you paid for insurance...THATS all you need
  6. Thank you Jill. I never really knew that for I do.
  7. If it gets lost, you need the insurance receipt plus you need something to be able to prove it cost that much (it doesn't necessarily have to be the receipt of the original purchase). I know this because I asked the people at USPS when I send my bags with insurance.
  8. You're absolutely correct. If you file an insurance claim for a lost bag, USPS requires proof of value. I'm not sure what they consider acceptable for a vintage or discontinued bag. I've always assumed the proof of purchase by the new owner along with detailed pictures would be enough. (but I could be wrong :smile: ).
  9. I recently just shipped a costly package using UPS. I asked the girl who was helping me out if I needed to show a store receipt or proof of value along with insurance receipt if the package got lost, and she said yes.

    The reason why I asked is because I was going to put the original department store receipt inside the package, and mail the item. When she said I would need proof of value, I made a copy of the receipt for my records before I enclosed the original department store receipt in the package.