Postage ?

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  1. If you're mailing a letter that weighs exactly 1 ounce, do you just put the regular 0.39 postage or more? I know that letters that weigh exactly 1 ounce cost only 0.39 to mail, but I know some people like to put more to be safe.
  2. Anyone? I'm really curious.
  3. I've always just put a first class stamp on it.... Nothing has been returned yet...
  4. ^^^ me too!
  5. Just one!!
  6. I put just one. They only return it if the person handling it is having a bad day..

  7. Me too it was one of those square cards.
    I bought extra stamps to accommodate the ones that I sent off but they never came back.:shrugs:
  8. I try and guess. If it looks like a regular size envelope I put just one on. But if it looks a little larger, or seems to weigh a bit more, I'll put on two just to be safe.

    I might add that when I put a letter in the mailbox I do so on a "wing and a prayer". I don't think I've ever sent anything by way of the post office and haven't wondered if it would get there.