Postage to P.O. Box?????

  1. Help, Just had an item paid for by Pay Pal with the delivery address to a P.O. Box, would you send to a P.O. Box???
  2. Sure. The post office will put a note in their box that they have a package to pick up. Its actually alot safer then the post man leaving it on the front steps when no one is home. You cannot, however, send a package UPS to a PO Box. Only postal.
  3. :wlae:Thank you for responding so quickly, this was my first sale and I just wanted it to go smoothly and without any delays for my client.
  4. Congratulations on your first sale!!
  5. Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  6. congrats on your first sale I wish you many more.:tup:
  7. Thank you all for your kind words. It's amazing I sold a couple of bags for my first attempt and had one person question postage to States even though I quoted $50Aus and another person not wanting to use Pay Pal eventhough I stated that was my only form of payment accepted. I guess they bid and then look at fine print. This is such a learning curve. One person paid double delivery fee by mistake so I put the extra amount she paid in the purse I sent her only to be charged extra at the Post Office, I guess it's better to undercharge then overcharge and cop the difference.:crybaby:
  8. Vintagecharm - as a fellow Aussie, I can definitely sympathise and say I have been there with undercharging buyers for postage.

    But don't be concerned about PO Boxes, I know I have one that I have all my mail sent to - I work such long hours during the week that I just prefer to know my mail is in the box, and parcels are there on the weekend for me to pick up.
  9. :wlae:Thank you Kathrin I'll learn, having been a buyer for so long I certainly know what I don't like in a seller. Postage seems to be the biggest issue particularly getting signature's to keep pay pal happy. People don't like to pay for the cost of security but it's the seller who takes the chance.
  10. Vintagecharm, post to a PO Box is fine! Like another tPFer said, it's safer than delivering to someone's house! BUT, remember to post by registered post (with insurance for international) when you accept paypal!!! You will need proof of post! That means you need a receipt with the recipient's address on it! A normal receipt is not sufficient to prove post!
  11. :tup:Thank you this much I know, I am only posting registered although originally I charged $10 after going to the Post Office to post a bag it was $15 with insurance so I now quote $15 within Australia and $50 internationally. Do you think that's okay.:confused1: