Postage Service from Australia

  1. Does anyone in Australia use any other form of delivery overseas other then Australian Post?:wlae: I am trying to find the cheapest way to send overseas with signature at the other end. Thank you in advance:heart:
  2. I will only ship via ems express so it's trackable.

    Fedex etc are way too expensive :sad:
  3. I generally sent via Australia Post and made it registered, not express. The price difference between the two is extortionate, and the speed variation is only a day or two!

    If you want to investigate other options, use a company like MBE which can arrange pickup for you and get cheaper rates than you would as a one-off customer.
  4. I use ECI (International Courier express - the new name for the old EMS express).

    But you can now get International Express POST (which is like the US priority mail) - It's actually $5 more than regular air mail and you can track and trace it just like ECI, and it normally gets there in the same time as the more expensive ECI (even though they don't quote the same time)

    Fedex and DHL are really quite expensive.

    You can not register international parcels, only buy insurance for them
  5. Australia post is the cheapest alternative. All the other courier services are outrageously expensive! If the item cost a lot, you should definitely send it by express post with full insurance! Remember that insurance is there to protect you, the seller!
  6. That's the one ECI I should have said :push:
  7. I am very grateful to everyone that replied, I will stick with Australia Post. Thank you ALL again.:tup:
  8. :yes: That's what I meant - with insurance!