Postage in listing $14.15 Vs postage on invoice $44.15 What to do?

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  1. Hi all,

    I won an auction in which the postage cost was stated as $14.15 and now I get an invoice with a postage cost of $44.15. I messaged the seller re the difference in postage and the seller just brushed me off and accusing me of choosing the wrong postage cost :mad: It stated so in her listing! I didn't choose anything! If she made a mistake she should apologised to me first and even then I don't think she can demand more than what was stated in her listing. As a seller I always have to paid the extra when I underquoted the postage cost and have never asked the buyer to pay more that what stated in my listings!
    Now I don't want to follow through with this transaction but I don't want to get a strike from Ebay for being a Non Paying Bidder!
    What should I do? Your help and your time is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :flowers:
  2. what was stated in the listing is what you should be charged!
    I agree, I'm like you. If I underquote then that is my problem and I pay the extra.

    I wouldn't go through with the transaction it is very unfair!
  3. you should report that to ebay, she should honor what was on the auction page so if she said she's charging 14 something and invoicing you 44 she's wrong.

    ebay should be able to make her send it to you at 14
  4. I agree with paying the difference if one underestimates the shipping, but the buyer shouldn't pay for the seller's mistake.

    BUT when does shipping cost $44 for a bag? Is it International? I ship things internationally and it is USUALLY no more that $30 Priority International. I have shipped a dang tv (though in the US) and those are heavy and it did not cost anywhere near $44!! It was like $16 Priority for something that big! The only time shipping was almost that much was when I shipped a saxophone that needed extra care, bubble wrap, and fast shipping. We stuffed the box with feather pillows too! But someone explain to me why the seller wants $44 to ship a dang purse! It reminds me of the miu miu bag I bought recently... the person said the $50 (of the few hundreds) in the price was for shipping... we are both in the US and it was Priority... why $50?? LOL insanity. I got her to bring that down to $30, but still lol.... if I had shipped it the same way, it would have been more like $12
  5. Theororetically, if it is a high priced bag goind insured, in a large box, going Coast to Coast with Signature Confirmation, it could cost $45.

    Did you check to see if the lower price was for parcel post? There might be a drop down box in the invoice when you go to pay.
  6. Can you just pay through the auction/item page with the shipping as stated, and not through the invoice with the additional shipping charge? Usually there's a link at the top of the page that says something like, "pay now."
  7. Meant to say VIA Priority Mail.

  8. Shipping internationally often costs much more. Priority Int. doesn't provide the necessary tracking that Express Mail does in case you have a dispute, and Express is more expensive.

    Normally a seller gets to eat the mistake cost. Is it definitely a mistake in this situation? That's what needs to be determined. If you chose (by accepting a default) a shipment method that the seller doesn't actually use, then that's a more complicated issue.
  9. I'm going to start shipping from whatever post office you're going to.

    MAB you're in AU right, so can I assume it's international? Is it possible you won a US listing quoting US shipping and the seller had to recalculate? That's the only thing that would really make any sense. If not, maybe try to meet the seller somewhere in the middle if you really want the bag. She can get a nonperforming seller strike if she refuses to send it to you, but there's no way to force her to follow through.
  10. If it is international, with tracking and insurance, it can easily be $44.15 (although I don't know why she puts in the .15 cents). :biggrin:

    I have seen auctions (generally US auctions) where shipping is specified as $XX with no mention made of domestic or international. Many of these sellers have never had international buyers so they don't know that shipping rates should be specific for different areas. Rarely do sellers who ship worldwide have a single rate for all areas.

    If I see a single shipping rate of $XX in a US auction (I'm in Canada) with no mention made of domestic vs international, I wouldn't assume it is the international rate as well.

    If there was a misunderstanding between you and the seller with respect to the shipping cost, I'm sure she would be happy to mutually cancel the transaction without a strike on either side.
  11. I sent something today that was 5 lbs insured by Express Mail from the US to AU and it was $55.75.
  12. OP, are you an international buyer? I always offer free domestic shipping in my auctions; however, I refuse to cover the $40+ cost of international shipping. Is this what happened, by chance?
  13. Hi all
    My apology for not being clear earlier. Here are the facts

    *I am from AUS and the seller is from the US. The $14.15 is the price that pops up in the box. This is different to US buyer and other International buyer.

    *The bag is SMALL 6" x 10" x 3" and is just over 1 pound. (I have the exact same bag in different colour).

    * No the seller doesn't offer free shipping in the US. I would not never ever contemplating on free International shipping even if the seller offers free UN shipping.

    * The $44.15 is the postage cost for sending a 6'x10"x3" bag in a Medium Flat Rate Priority Box. No insurance or anything as such. This price is straight from the USPS website.

    * I calculated the price for sending this bag from the US to AUS with a 3 pounds packet and below is what I got from the USPS website

    Priority Mail® International
    Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108" 6 - 10 business days $32.50

    Express Mail® International Flat Rate Envelope
    USPS Supplied Envelope: 9 1/2" x 12 1/2" 3 - 5 business days $28.95

    * All she had to do is to acknowledge the fact that the $14.15 postage is an error and I would be OK with it! I don't care if it is an error on her part or an error made by Ebay, all I want is the bag! She is unresponsive and not interested in trying to work things out with me! Beside the fact that it is easy for her to throw the bag in a box instead of spending 5 mins wrapping it I don't see why the bag can't be sent bubble wrapped? I bought the same bag (Purple) not long ago and my seller sent it from the UK bubble wrapped and it arrived here safe and sound!

    Time is money! I am very grateful for you spending time reading my post and offer me your thoughts, advices and opinions. Thank you so much once again.

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  14. First, what makes you think that the seller would be dumb enough to ship a package - internationally, at that - without insurance? Insurance protects the seller - not the buyer.

    Second, from what I am gathering, this is a postage calculator that you used which gave the wrong amount - not the seller's auction terms, correct? So how is this the seller's fault? And what does the bubble wrap & a bag that you bought previously have to do with anything?

    I obviously don't know what exchange you and the seller have had, but perhaps she is unwilling to work with you because she feels that you are a problem bidder, depending on your attitude toward the seller for the shipping price mixup...
  15. I have shipped at different post offices in Alabama. I literally just shipped some clothes Priority for $7 and no more. I even had tracking and delivery confirmation. I pack it with bubble wrap too.