Postage from US to Aus

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  1. I am looking at buying a bag off eBay US. The seller has said they can post via USPS priority international or USPS 1st class. Which would be a better option?

  2. i just sent out a package to Austrailia this past week. And the post office told me that USPS priority gets there faster and it sure does cost way more than reg USPS 1st class. 1st class was only about $8.00 and USPS priority was $25. I shipped it out USPS priority. I was not able to get a tracking number, because they said once it leaves US, they are unable to track it.
  3. peach.. i always ask for EMS express (Global express in the US) to ship things over the Australia

    1st Class mail takes 1-2 weeks.

    If Global express is too expensive, then get global priority instead.

    I've had items sent via global priority and global express at the same time, and the priority arrived a day earlier than express.

    With that said, it also depends on the item you're buying. If it's a high end item, do express
  4. Opt for 1st class mail if value is below US$80.
    Under new USPS rules (since May 2007) Priority Mail service now takes exactly the same time as 1st Class to reach an overseas destination, the only difference is Priority Mail comes with insurance option. Not many US people realize this. I've a friend in USPS that's how I knew.