Post your YSL sale items here!

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  1. hello there fellow YSL ladies!

    i've been lurking too much over at Chanel and Christian Louboutin so this is my first time here at YSL sub-forum!

    i've started this thread because i got inspired by similar threads over at CL's and Chanel's so i was thinking why doesn't the YSL sub-forum have one? apologies if there already is one, mods please kindly shift this to where it's supposed to be, TIA!

    so here are my sale purchases today (including some shirts from polo hehe sorry to include them in, they're just too cute to resist :graucho:) from a very nice daddy hehe.


    YSL plum oversize muse (i have a khaki canvas in black leather trim as seen on katie holmes but decided that the size was too small for school and passed it over to my little sis, so thank god for the 30% sale!)



    upclose of the gigantic muse. i absolutely adore the plum buffalo leather! it goes sooo well with the chanel plum wallet that i am using ;)

    i realize the funny thing is that this muse doesn't look as huge now, unlike before it was so humongous on me! i guess this is because the bags these days are just growing bigger? LOL!
  2. Congrats! Gorgeous color and great deal! Welcome to YSL.
  3. gorgeous! i love the color! :heart:
  4. Congrats!!! :woohoo:

    It's a beautiful color!
  5. Gorgeous Muse, congrats!!!! The color is divine, and IMO, the oversize is the quintessential Muse size. Enjoy your new bag. :drinkup:
  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour!
  7. thanks ladies!! i absolutely love her! the color and leather combo is just heavenly ;) i'm going to take her out today so i'll post some modeling pics!
  8. Your OS violet muse is just stunning, congratulations!
  9. Gorgeous muse, ladydeluxe! The violet is so delish :love: I have to say, your collection must be TDF! (I peruse the Chanel forum, probably a little too much for my own good!) You lucky girl :girlsigh:

  10. hey happy to see u here (i've seen u in chanel thread a lot)...
    love ur violet os muse!!!congrats!!!:tup:

    i am thinking to get a violet downtown too...(as i've already have a os muse in black patent and a croc tribute)
  11. ^ LOL :blush: chanel's still my ultimate love! hehe, i didn't mean to cheat on her but the rich violet plum is TDF! and not to mention... sales... lol
  12. I long for the Muse in that color! Congrats to you on a stunning bag!
  13. please take a moment to read the rules of tPF before posting here again.
  14. Lady, that Muse color is TDF. So rich. :love:
  15. I want a Muse !!

    ...but worried about cheating on Louis...:s