Post your Wristlets here!

  1. Post photos, prices, style #, color, etc. . . of your Wristlets here.
    As always, please no comments or questions, this Forum is for photo reference only.
    Thank you! :biggrin:
  2. Signature patchwork wristlet with pink snake trim. Picked this up at the outlet for about $31. Style number: 2366.
  3. Coach White Floral Wristlet. Style number: F 40544. Outlet Purchase.
    Flower1aPF.JPG Flower1bPF.JPG
  4. Here's a pic of the wristlets that my sister and I have both accumulated: :graucho:

    from the left:
    1) soho dusty gold
    2) the original signature print in burgundy (my first piece!)
    3) black patent trimmed
    4) soho dusted silver
    5) white hamptons (?)

  5. Legacy Striped Wristlet #40231 ~$50
    Fragrance Print Wristlet #40551 $98
    Signature Black Wristlet (was a gift/outlet)
    Metallic Lilac Wristlet (was a gift/outlet)
  6. Soho Leather Wristlet, Black, No. 40077, $48
    Signature Stripe Wristlet, Crimson/Khaki, No. 40028, $58

  7. Signature Duffle wristlet, in brown. Style #40257, purchased October 2006, $100CDN


    (for size reference, that's a black sig mini-skinny in there in the second picture)
  8. Legacy leather wristlet, black. Style #40212. Purchased February 2007, outlet, $89US - 20% = $71 US


    (for size reference, that's a black sig mini-skinny inside the wristlet in the second picture)
  9. [​IMG]

    Leather and pink signature, outlet, $20.00 each
    Stitched signature, retailed for $128 (it was a present, so I/m not 100% sure).
  10. 1. Signature Stripe Wristlet 40028 MSRP $58 Outlet $39

    2. Soho Signature Wristet 40095 MSRP $48 Outlet $22

    3. Patent Gallery Wristlet in Mahogany (not sure on price or style number)

    4. Signature Small Cosmetic Case/Wristlet in Punch (not sure on price or style number)
  11. Carly sig wristlet......khaki/angora.....#40469.....$128

    Legacy stripe wristlet.....#40231.......$58

    Sig stripe$58

    Legacy leather wristlet......whiskey......#40708 (new ones...not sure if the same for "old" ones)......$98

    Optic sig (khaki)......#40293....$58 (I think)
  12. Here are mine...
    Perfume print
    Suede flower, not sure of the name (2004)
    Hearts (about 2003/2004)
  13. just one legacy stripe
  14. Coach Soho Mini Signature Large Wristlet, USD50 (including shipping , bought from eBay), style# 40585, color : green
    T2.jpg T9.jpg
  15. My cutie!