Post Your Work-In-Progress Projects

  1. I started making puffy beaded beads yesterday... I finished 5 pieces so far, using japanese delica beads. They're so addictive that I wanna make them in various colors.
    work in progress.jpg
  2. this isn't right now, but it represents what my workspace will look like in a day or two lol


    i've branched off my jewelry and started making photo blocks and they're more popular than i ever imagined they would be!
  3. Those blocks look awesome! Interesting project.
  4. thanks! they're super fun. i'm doing a lot right now for weddings and stuff that use personal photos. Mother's day was also another popular time for them (which i was really not expecting lol)

    your stuff looks so intricate and time consumming! but gorgeous stuff. i wish i had the patience for stuff like that lol
  5. I am new to the whole board, but I have found a neat idea on Pinterest and started to make these for gifts. I am waiting for a friend to print out some things for me because I had a neat idea for some necklaces with my sons football number in it in this same type of style. They are so easy and they look awesome when they are done.