Post your winter weather pics here! 79 yesterday 26 today :(

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  1. OH MY!:shocked:
    It was 79 degrees yesterday, daughter wore a sleeveless dress to school w/o tights. . .
    it dropped 40+ degrees in 90 minutes last night. This isn't too uncommon for Texas, our weather is VERY up and down VERY quickly. We have a saying here that "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute!"
    Anyhow, 79 yesterday and here's some photos of today:

    Post yours if you have any!

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  2. We're supposed to get from 2-12 inches tonight, so who knows what kind of pictures I'll have tomorrow :P
    Yeah, 2 days ago it was 65. I LOVE WISCONSIN :rolleyes:
  3. I'm not in Texas, but it was very cold here in NJ yesterday and this morning and also around 70 come noonish. Very weird. Now, it's raining.
  4. OMG, Swanky, your house is gorgeous.

    My DH used to live in Frisco, TX and had a huge place. He was shell shocked when he moved back to CA to live with me in my tiny home that I'm paying 4xs as much to own. LOL

    I digress.

    Temps dropped suddenly here in No Cal too but I didn't have the forsight to snap pics of my frozen lawn yesterday morning. My dogs were freaked out when the 'grass' crunched and crackled under their feet.
  5. Swanky, I love your house!!!!

    I'm in Round Rock, TX. It's very cold tonight... My little girl is bundled up :biggrin:
  6. We had a cold snap down to 18 degrees a couple nights ago, combined with 3-6" of snow in the Seattle area. Unheard of around here, especially in late November! Now 50 degrees seems downright balmy :biggrin:
  7. Extremely cold here in Santa Cruz, CA! Monday night we hit 32 degrees at night, eesh! So it's been a really painfully cold past few days.
  8. Oh my gosh! You got snow?? No fair, you are more south than us!! :lol:
    Your house is gorgeous Swanky!!
  9. Thanks y'all!:biggrin:

    Danica, where in TN are you? I didn't ever notice your locale before.
    We lived in a beautiful neighborhood in Franklin for a bit a couple of years ago.
    There being no NM in Nashville almost killed me!:lol:
    It's SOOO beautiful there, we moved there in Feb and there was snow, but it was perfect because although there was snow, it wasn't painfully cold. Then that summer we could barely get in the pool because the nights were so cool teh pool didn't warm up enough for our TX blood!
    Prettiest place I've ever lived, even over Southern Cali IMO:yes:
    Ooh, and the SWETTEST folks too! In Publix the cashier's would turn when you walked in and ask how you were doing and I swear they seemed to really want to know! LOL!

    Can I get any more OT?
  10. It was freezing while I was sick, but yesterday when I bundled myself up to go to work for the first day this week, it was 66 degrees outside. That's craziness!!!! It's raining now. So unless you want to see pics of my wet patio, that's all I got for ya today.
  11. Im so whole family is snowed in (Chicago and Kansas) I LOVE a good snow storm. Its sunny and 80 here. I layed out for 3 hours yesterday.:nuts: :nuts:
  12. ^hence the name Sunshine!:lol:
  13. ^ You got that right...I will pay dearly for my love of the sun one day...(or pay my plastic surgeon!!)
  14. brrrrrrrr!!!
    no wounder i am freezing here!! just checked the weather on yahoo.. its 71 high and 52 low!!
    i so wanna take a pic!! but what to pic? i mean it doesnt snow here.. so no evedence of extreme cold but the red noses on the highway heading to work at 7:00 AM!! loooool
    great pic swanky and such a lovely house :heart: God the snow in ur pic made me shiver more!!!
  15. I'm not even sure where Franklin is, I'll have to look it up. It sounds lovely though! I live in Memphis...there is no shopping here! lol No NM no nothing!! I hear that there is a new LV and Tiffany's in Nashville, but I haven't been yet. I think that's approx. a 6 hour drive away...maybe 4. haha I'm not sure.
    I do love the weather here, but during winter I definitely long for snow! It's weird for me to have Christmas without snow!!
    BTW I have never even seen a Publix in my life! :lol: I assume from hearing a few people mention it, that it is a grocery store. I wish people were that friendly here at my grocery stores! lol