Post your wedding shoes...

  1. savvy and stinas - gorgeous!!

    Mine were simple ivory satin slingbacks...

  2. you never know what you find on eBay...and if you don't , then that's OK, cause your shoes are beautiful:yes:
  3. sadly, I've never seen them in that color anywhere online :crybaby:

    but yes, it is okay. the shoes I already have are perfectly lovely :heart:
  4. :/ For some reason my photo sharing is wacked! hope this shows.:smile:
  5. How gorgeous! Congrats!
  6. Thank you marbella8 !! Hope to see yours as well! ;)
  7. Even though I would really love a pair of purple Ambrosinas for my wedding shoes, I have decided these to be one of my options for my wedding shoes...


  8. Their gorgeous poppyseed :tender:
  9. I just received my wedding shoes on Friday! CL multi-blue Armadillos!
    weddingshoe1.jpg weddingshoe5.jpg weddingshoe6.jpg weddingshoe2.jpg
  10. poppy gorgeous, of course!! I love how they are one of your "options" aka more shoes to come in the future :p

    rachie those are one of my all-time favorite CLs!!!! They are gorgeous on you, where did you find them?
  11. Meggyg8r ~ I bought them off of eBay, but i have tried them on at NM. They are still available on their website too.
  12. ^^ Ooooh! Did you get the ones that went for $685? I was watching those but I was pretty sure they were .5 size too small for me.
  13. ^^Yes I did! I got a 10% off coupon that morning from ebay and figured it was a sign and went for it!:happydance:
  14. oh I'm so glad someone on here got them!! I kept toying with the idea of getting them but I was so unsure whether they would fit or not. they are gorgeous!
  15. Here are mine. They're Stuart Weitzman. I bought them for $40 at Nordstrom Rack. They killed my feet because the one thing I forgot on my wedding day was to add the little foot pads on the foot bed before I put them on. I've since colored them red with a red fabric dye marker... didn't turn out half bad.