Post your wedding shoes...

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  1. Don't think there is any thread for this, hence in a search for mine :nuts: as well as to compliment our "Show your wedding dress" thread, fellow TPFers, please show moi yours :jammin:

    I have been looking for a while now but seriously nothing catches my attention :Push: so please inspire me :woohoo:

    TIA :heart:
  2. Here are mine!

    Filippa Scott "Cecelia"

  3. These will be my wedding shoes if I do get married. :P Louboutin Margaritas:

  4. That is so sweet!!! :girlsigh:
    Is it hard to keep on because of the slingback?
  5. Techie, those are hot!!!! :drool::drool:
    I love those! :heart:

    Do they make them in different colours? :nuts:
  6. Here's mine. We have changed our plans, twice now. First it was a local wedding, then it changed to Hawaii on a beach, now we're not sure when/what we're going to do because both of our jobs are up in the air in the next year and a half, so paying for a wedding isn't really feasible right now (stupid tanked economy...). But I'm going to keep them and just "try" to wait to wear them.

  7. They're beautiful, Im sure the wait will be worth it!
  8. Here's mine: Mara by Joan and David

  9. I think they have them in a slightly different style called Champus, in a champagne. :smile:
  10. ^bump! more! I love looking at these!
  11. Speaking of, Techie... here's the Champus, my wedding shoe, in ivory/gold:




  12. I have been searching for these for my own wedding. Are they still available anywhere?

  13. I think eBay may be your only shot at this point. They were on in this color (which is where I got them) and available in store in other colors, but they are generally hard to come by. I've seen them on in black as well. I'd stalk eBay if you really want them. I would search using the phrases "louboutin crystal" instead of Champus because a lot of people don't know the name. I've honestly only seen them on there a handful of times though. I hope you can find them, they are truly stunning in person!!
  14. :nuts: Ack!
    This is so cuteeeeeee!
    I saw this and was contemplating :drool:

    Regardless on your decision later on, these are the keepers if you ask me :biggrin:
  15. Thanks Techie :nuts: