Post your Wedding ring set (or engagement ring...or wedding know)

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  1. What does yours look like? Do you like it? who picked it out? Spill it all here!


    [​IMG] (with my coach key fob lol!)

    It is 2kt (between engagement ring and wedding band) 14 kt white gold, the middle is 4 princess cut diamonds with 4 more princess cut diamonds on each side. 3 circular diamonds are imbedded into the setting on each side, the wedding band has circular diamonds of the same size. I love it! I never thought I'd have anything this extravagant in my life! I went to pick it out with my husband and he kept asking for something bigger. I had originally decided ona 0.5kt set that I liked, but he felt I deserved something more! I actually did not have my wedding band for my wedding (we eloped) so i got it afterwards. I only had my engagement ring for the wedding. We want to renew our vows so that our wedding rings are more symbolic.

    Also, the wedding ring and engagement ring were purchased at two completely different stores (engagement ring from Mappins, wedding ring from People's). They look like a set!
  2. jewelry subforum?;)
  3. ^thanks! Didn't even think about that one!
  4. gazillions of pics and threads about it there, you will like it ! ;)
  5. Please repost in the JEWELRY SUBFORUM..there is already a thread on this topic and we DONT allow duplicates!thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.