Post your Wallets and Sm Leather goods here!

  1. Please post photos, prices, style #, color, etc. . . of your wallets and small leather goods here.
    As always, please no comments or questions, this Forum is for photo reference only.
    Thank you! :biggrin:
  2. Here are my wallets-
    Soho Mini Wallet /style 8688

    Metallic signature mini wallet with snake trim /style FS6K31

    Both were outlet purchases.
    wallet1PF.jpg wallet2PF.JPG
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  3. Soho Signature Checkbook Wallet #40094
    in Pear :heart:
    Spring slide key & wallet-Pear.JPG
  4. black photo frame (I put business cards in it)? $20 outlet (style number not known)
    IM000795.jpg IM000797.jpg
  5. 1. Hamptons Signature Flower Motif Large Multi-Function 40447 MSRP $179 Outlet $96 (with matching mini skinny 40446)

    2. Ergo Slim Envelope Wallet 40456 MSRP $218 Outlet $120
  6. Soho Signature Large French Purse # 40092 MSRP $188.
    coach blue wallet resized.jpg
  7. [​IMG]

    STYLE # 92125
  8. Hamptons Signature Checkbook Wallet
    Style# 6K13
    Color: Khaki/Red
    MSRP: $218.00
    Hamptons wallet only.JPG
  9. Black leather imbossed signature Fall 07'....$298
    Ebay Pics 490.jpg
  10. Coach CHELSEA SIGNATURE MEDIUM ZIP AROUND WITH BILLFOLD in black/white signatue, style #40804, MSRP $198


  11. coach credit card wallet (forgot the name), USD80.00 (including s&h, bought from eBay), style #40019, color dark brown
  12. Coach Madison Lurex Key Holder, USD50 (including s&h, bought from eBay), style# 40291 color: gold
    T6.jpg T7.jpg
  13. My wallet.