Post your vintage/classic pieces here!

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    Remember there's no chatting in the photo threads.

    I would like to see other vintage/classic bags...1970's thru 2000

    Coach Navy Crescent Bag ~ 1970’s or 80’s ~ Made in New York City


    Coach Beige Watermelon Tote ~ 1970’s or 80’s ~ Made in New York City


    Coach Black Laurel Frame Shoulder Bag ~ Pre-1994 ~ Made in US


    Coach Black Madison Arcadia Tote #4409 ~ Pre-1994 ~ Made in Italy


    Coach 4913 Black Sonoma Pouch ~ 1994 ~ Made in US


    Coach 4921 White Sonoma Satchel ~ 1996 ~ Made in Italy


    Coach 4180 Black Lexington drawstring ~ 1997 ~ Made in Italy

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  2. Here are a few of my Vintage items...
    IMGP0775tPF.jpg IMGP0778tPF.jpg IMGP0779tPF.jpg IMGP0782tPF.jpg IMGP0763tPF.jpg
  3. I love old's mine.

    Classic Pocket Flap (1990)

    Pocket flap in bottle green (1980's)

    Court in British Tan (1990's)

    Black Court (1995)
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  4. my classic ebay find $31
    my vintage.jpg
    my vintage side.jpg
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  5. No 0131-203

    Can someone tell me it's age?
  6. Drawstring Bag, Natural Grain in black? 1998 (bought in 2008 from outlet, don't ask...)
    140$ w/ 20% off
    Black older style wallet (not sure of item #) with key ring (thE BAY)
    Dark green older style wallet (not sure of item #) with key ring (thE BAY)
    P8200006.JPG P8240478.JPG P8240479.JPG
  7. Unfortunately I don't remember the names of any of my older bags but here they are....all purchased back in the 90's w/ the exception of the backpack bought on e-bay.

    1) Black Bookbag (from 1992 #6509). Just added newly acquired scarf to jazz it up a little.
    2) Black Backpack (I think from 1991 #9791)
    3)Dark brown tote- can't read year but I think it's 1995 and I think the style # says 4157 (i've loved this bag to death and had to send it back twice for repairs-straps came unsewn but it's still going strong).
    4)British tan bag- 1998 # 9802
    5) Black drawstring bucket style (1995 #4151)
    Last two to follow in next post.
    blackbookbag-tote_1992_6509 or 8509.JPG BlackBackpack_1991 #9791.JPG Brown tote_ 1996_4157.JPG tanhandbag_1998 #9802.JPG black drawstring bag_ 1995 #4051.JPG
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  8. last two continued from above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    6) Grey bag (1998 # 9870)
    7) British Tan duffle (1997 #9019)
    Grey Purse 1998 #9870.JPG britishtan duffle_ 1997 #9019.JPG
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  9. [​IMG]
    Coach Bean Bag Key Chain in Green for 7.99 from thE BAY with original tag/box/paper
    Lunchbox Bag in some brown color (specific color not identified) from thE BAY for 27$
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  10. Slim pouch (?)
    Bixby sling #9984
    S3010022.JPG S3010021.JPG
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  11. Gramercy Top Handle 1999

    Gramercy Clutch 1999

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  12. I have 1 only
    one is the coach station I have add a multicolor scarf
    Picture 971.jpg
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    Another Lunchbox bag, I love this style!!
    Classic Flap? It's authenticity is debated (due to different identifiers) but until otherwise we'll call it a MAYBE.. (see Auth this thread for more info on our discussion of this one..)
    Another older style wallet w/ key ring
  14. I don't remember the names of these bags, but these are the serial numbers: Orange - K7C-9043, Teal - H1P-9712, Yellow - L7C-9044.
  15. Full Family (not all may qualify as vintage/classic but don't fit into the recent purchase sections):
    PA041383.JPG PA041393.JPG
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