Post your VDay gifts here!

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  1. Ok so I saw this in the bags forums and would love to see what cupid brought in the way of jewelry, cause lets be real here even though its a purse forum we all know jewelry is the biggest seller on Valentines Day so lets see what you got :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    I wont get my gift till tonight so I will post for sure
  2. I made a thread for mine, DH was so excited he have it to me early! He also said he has something else for me tonight!!!


    My very first ROLEX!!! Ladies Datejust with diamond bezel and diamond markers. I'm in love with it!!!
  3. Waiting with popcorn- I got a bottle of Chanel #5; no jewelry for me this year. However, I will smell great :roflmfao:
  4. i actually like the silver Rolex's, my 1st was silver and now I've been obsessed with the leather strap Daytona and going to check some out this weekend

  5. I must admit I am very happy with mine. I think he did a great job. I love leather straps but find that they never fit me... My wrists are tiny!!!
  6. I don't have a significant I treated myself to pandora cherry blossom clips! LOL

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  7. I say, good for you! They are very pretty
  8. My new watch

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  9. I got a SFA gift card! I'm going to apply it to the gold bracelet I just ordered -- really glad to have the gift that fits!
  10. Ooh, that's pretty!
  11. Thank you :smile:
  12. The cats got me these Mimi So Phoenix feather earrings, rose gold with black diamonds (and the matching necklace).

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  13. Ooh update. DH came by with a gorgeous silver charm on a chain -- it's a racehorse on a pedestal, super heavy with a bloodstone base engraved (when turned over) with a horseshoe.
    I love it!