Post your Van Cleef family portrait!

  1. My update.:smile:
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  2. Wow!!! Coming along quite well I see:smile:
  3. My two babies :heart: Can't wait to see everyone elses!
  4. Hm I don't know why my photo did not upload.
  5. What an absolute stunning collection.

  6. Gorgeous collection!
  7. Beautiful collection.
    Also a great illustration how the VCA pg blends well with yg pieces.

  8. Amazing and so beautiful! Great selection that will mix and match so perfectly!
  9. Beautiful, beautiful!
  10. Thanks everyone! I am pretty happy with what I have now. With the help of VCA experts like you, I was able to build my collection. Thank you again!!!:hugs: No item on my VCA wishlist at the moment, but I want to purchase a solid WG alhambra necklace if it becomes available in the future! (I envy Suzie!)  Oh, just one thing.. I am purchasing a diamond line bracelet, as a very special gift from my DH, but realized I could get Perlee pave diamond bracelet in WG if I want. I'm bit torn, but I think I will stick to the diamond line bracelet.:smile:

  11. Beautiful collection!!!

  12. Try sizing the pics down.
  13. beautiful collection!! ❤ everything!
  14. love everything!!!! Everytime I see your collection, Einseine, I swoon! Hopefully within the next two years I will have a vca family portrait to share. Is there a cartier family portrait thread as well?
  15. Fabulous! Looking forward to my first VCA this year.