Post your Van Cleef family portrait!

  1. Thought it would be fun to see everyones collections. I know some of us have great stuff and a wonderfull collection. Please add your VCA family pics ..:p I will start with my humble but happy collection.

    5 Motif MOP YG
    5 Motif Onyx YG
    5 Motif Turquoise YG

    2 Motif MOP dangle earrings.

    I will update as it grows!
  2. Okay I'm game I just got a new iPhone and I want to play with the camera!!

    My 10 motif TE and 20 motif turquoise w/their bracelets

    Close up of TE with my TE ring

    My WG/MOP magic necklace, bracelet and earrings

    My YG/Turquoise pendant w/YG bracelet and small frivoli earrings

    All of the bracelets together

    RG Perlee hoops

    And last, but not least... my 2 Butterflies ring...
    image-2877440084.jpg image-2444962049.jpg image-872059300.jpg image-3482050703.jpg image-2724454388.jpg image-3705225731.jpg
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  3. Now this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is what I am talking about. Amazing collection! Ok, let me go over each piece now! :yahoo::yahoo:

    This could be the best thread on TPF! Come on ladies!!!
  4. sjunky you have literally everything I want from VCA....I DIE......that turquoise is gorgeous!!!

    :faint: lovely collection Beth!

    my collection consists of only two bracelets so far :p not worth posting....yet...:graucho:
  5. I needed to add a better pic of my ring!
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  6. Here's my collection.
    YG 5 Motif bracelet
    YG Onyx 5 Motif Bracelet
    2 10's YG MOP necklaces
    YG Turquoise pendant
    YG Sweet butterfly necklace
    YG Frivole ring

    I sold a few pieces recently so this is what I am down to.
    I also gave my mom a 5 motif YG MOP bracelet for her birthday.

  7. YG. Yes please pos Candice .Even if you have one piece! Please post Whatever you have everyone. Sometimes our families are small, sometimes large and sometimes a single family home. LOL.
  8. The Frivole ring!!!!! Lovely Beachy! Your pics made me want the Frivole ring so bad.
  9. :lol: ok it's just a modeling picture I don't have any with the boxes right now!
    my small and humble family :biggrin:


    VCA layered.jpg
  10. Thanks!! I'd love to see everyone's collection!

    Thank you!!
  11. thanks sjunky! I'm so happy I have my sweet bracelet back!

    probably! my local AD always has to order everything, now we can "window shop" on TPF:p
  12. Great collection!!
  13. I love the vintage and sweet together!!
  14. love your collection, very well rounded!

    me too, they're great for layering! well the whole alhambra collection is great for this reason:biggrin: