Post your Valentines Day photos!

  1. I hope it's okay to start this thread..I know we have a CL outfit thread, but Vday is special it should get it's own thread. :p

    This is mine-
    I'm wearing black VPs, my dress is it at Saks a year ago I think and I used my Chanel reissue. For reference, my curls were made with the Enzo Milano 25mm iron.
  2. Cute outfit Priiin!!! Have fun tonight!
  3. Thanks! This was actually is too crowded. :amuse: Tonight he is cooking for me! I am making dessert.
  4. You look adorable, priin! Glad you guys had a good time last night, and have fun cooking tonight! :nuts:
  5. You and your BF are too cute! Very smart to go out the night before. I hope you two have a lovely evening.
  6. Thanks Lav! Hope you are having a good night too!
  7. Oh Priiin you look sooooo cute! Hope you having a great time tonight on vday.

    All you CL ladies I hope your all having a special day with your loved ones.
  8. That is such a cute picture!!:love:
  9. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And priiin, you looked divine darling!
  10. Thank you ladies!!
  11. You look adorable Priin! Those VPs look great!
  12. No more pictures ladies?? :amuse:

    Well thanks for the compliments. :p BTW, his Valentino tie is a Vday gift from me. $140-ish, on sale! :tup:
  13. You guys are such a cute couple. :heart:
  14. You two are adorable!!!!!!!! We didn't take pictures. Oh well.
  15. I had a great time and wore my pewter patent decolletes but didn't think to take pictures. ah well, will have to try to remember next time I have a CL outfit on.