Post Your Vacation Photos Here!!

  1. June 2003 = I'm in Vancouver, Canada

  2. you are so cute!
  3. Thanks Guccimamma! :smile:

    June 2006 = I'm in Vegas!!
  4. you are so pretty! i adore the blue and white dress that you're wearing in the last two pictures. i also recognize the venetian!
  5. i'd kill for your adorable figure, your dress is so pretty
  6. a few pictures from japan and hong kong.. we did a lot of shopping! haha. these are from august 2005.
    bapedyou.jpg taiko.jpg dogs.jpg hysteric.jpg
  7. OK I am taking you to Tenerife tonight !! Tenerife is one of the Spanish Canary Islands in Atlantic Ocean not too far from West African coast (Morocco)
  8. -Photo of the 1000 years old tree
    -And the "Teide pic " volcano landscape, looks like a moon landscape. Where "Planet of the Apes" was filmed.
    tenerife.JPG tenerife3.JPG
  9. Thanks White Flowers!

    Viva Las Vegas!!:tup:
  10. I love the Tenerife picture Mellecyn, I have been wanting to visit there
  11. January 2007 = 2nd trip to Las Vegas

  12. Mines aren't really Vacation, I actually live in Dubai, but heres some pictures of my life!
    8305901a5695970872l.jpg 8305901a5695798607l.jpg Skii-Dubai.jpg U.jpg
  13. And this is Dubai's version of fake bags..

    Yes its Asda Price!
    Fake Bags - Asda.jpg
  14. Heres a few more random pictures..

    1 - Inside my local Mall in Dubai
    2 - Outside my local Mall in Dubai
    3 - Back garden of hotel
    4 - Back garden of hotel looking onto beach
    8305901a3444857536b635336573l.jpg Outside A Shopping Mall.jpg Back Garden Of Hotel.jpg 8305901a3444651695b426321510l.jpg
  15. Beach photos

    1 - Me
    2 - Sunset at Beach Party!
    3 - Us at the Desert
    4 - The Burj
    5 -Me at a random school
    816236825a5748303770l.jpg 816236825a5748119830l.jpg 816236825a5922438114l.jpg 816236825a4083418213b930329044l.jpg 816236825a4083538015b509781528l.jpg