Post your Tomatoes!!!

  1. C'mon Tomato Lovers!!!:woohoo:

    Post your modeling pics with your gorgeous tomatoes - big and small!! :yes:
  2. [​IMG]


    I'm in - photos of me and my lovely tomato GSH city. Also wearing my beautiful Balenciaga sweater from Fall/Winter 07. I love the tomato color so much!!!
  3. Lovelygarments, Your SGH Tomato is TDF!!! SUPER DUPER GORGEOUS!!! :tup::yahoo::woohoo:
  4. No modelling shot but here are my red bags! :heart: This pic is missing my red wallet.

  5. :heart::love:Tomato City and Wallet:love::heart:
    IMG_0860.JPG IMG_0878.JPG IMG_0982.JPG
  6. Thank you, pinkboudoir!

    "E" Cougess, beautiful red bags, and your vermillon GH is gorgeous! :heart:

    brunettetiger, gorgeous tomato city and wallet - I love the tomato in the RH too. :yes:
  7. lovely lovely shots! thanks for sharing!
  8. Lovely - I love the photo of you with the Tomato SGH!! You looks so fabulous with that bag!!!

    cougess - I love your Tomato GGH!! I definitely have a weakness for the GGH/tomato combo, and I love how gorgeous she looks basking in the sun!!

    BT - I love the matching tomatoes!! Such an amazing pair, and your city has such great leather!!
  9. Here she is, not for the first time :shame: :love:



  10. tomatoe w/ GSH is soooo beautiful...

    LG i love your GSH!!
  11. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. I'm tempted to get a tomato city
  12. South -
    I love your day with GSH! :heart:
  13. South-of-France - I love your Day - it is amazing!
  14. I think this is tomato, not sure though, and I don't know how to tell :p

  15. You say tomato... I say tomato! ;)