Post your TOM FORD Purchases, Questions, Swatches, Chit Chat, etc... :)

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  1. Tom Ford beauty thread!
  2. Yes please! I think I may bite the bullet on some TF tonight. Any raves or pics?
  3. The Cocoa Mirage quad is amazing!
  4. I am awaiting my orchid haze quad. I would like the summer palette but there are two turn offs for me. The bronzer and the glitter shade. The taupey brown and the navy are super inviting though.

    Cocoa Mirage is available on back order so I passed on it.

    I want to try the blushes but it seems nothing will be flattering on dark skin.
  5. Thanks for posting!

    Compared to last summer, I feel a bit disappointed in this years collection.

  6. Ravish blush looks amazing on dark skin, Savage works as well but it'll be more of a subtle look.
  7. i cannot wait for the palette. hoping my nearest nm would have it so i can try it first before buying. althou that is really impossible...
  8. My recent Tf purchases:loveeyes: back up eyeliner, eyeshadow blend brush and 2 spring np and 1 lonely lippie. i bought sweetspot but i had to return because the color didnt suit me at all. this is why i dont like buying wo seeing it first but i had no choice but to buy online because my counter doesnt have d spring collection:tdown:


  9. So so tempting. It looks very mauve though. I will try and see if my nearest mall has a counter where I can swatch stuff.
  10. #11 Mar 13, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2014
    OMG, it arrived and it is the most perfect quad ever. I am in love!!
  11. I'm so excited for my new goodies that arrived today. I don't even know which ones to use first :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394915007.277300.jpg
  12. Enjoy your new goodies! I have Cocoa Mirage and absolutely love it!
  13. YAYYYY!!!! SO glad this thread was started, I am a TF convert and proclaimed addict. Never have I loved makeup this much!!! :loveeyes:

    Makeup brushes - pricey but AMAZING. well worth the investment IMO. my faves are the bronzer brush, cheek brush and foundation brush
    Lipsticks - my current faves are Summer Fling and In the Buff (for neutrals) and Incorrigible and Firecracker (for pop colors) from the Spring 2014 collection (also ADORE the white/gold packaging!!!!)
    Blush - Flush is my favorite
    Eye shadows - really can't go wrong here, but I love my Fall 2013 She Wolf trio the best
    Eyebrow pencil
    Translucent powder

    Next on my to-get list:
    - more brushes
    - eye primer
    - illuminating primer
    - illuminating highlight pen
    - concealer

    Here are some pics I have:
    (missing from Spring 2014 in this pic are: In the Buff, Pink Dune and Bittersweet
    FYI: Sweet Spot and Bittersweet were my least favorite of all)
    L to R: Summer Fling, Sweet Spot, Paradiso, Incorrigible and Firecracker

    Thanks for letting me share and can't wait to read/see pics from other posts!!! :flowers: