Post your Tokidoki compliments here!!! :)


May 18, 2007
Orange County, CA
I am a lover of compliments, especially when people compliment me on my tokidoki! :tup:

I thought it'd be a cool to have an ongoing thread of compliments we've received today (or the past) of compliments we've gotten from displaying our obsession!

So today I just got a real simple compliment while fishing for my school I.D. at my college's cafeteria. All she said was "That's a cool bag!" but it still made me happy. :smile:

And I got a couple of "Is that Tokidoki?" or "What's that bag you're wearing?" from acquaintances today but those are more questions than compliments. :P

I like being the one of the only ones with Tokidoki around! I'm a little selfish in not wanting other girls around me to fall too much in love with Tokidoki like me because I like that special feeling but most girls are baffled by the price i paid for my babies anyway (plus the more that want to buy it, the more they would take away my chances of perfect print placement at stores!). They are just jealous I have them. Even though I am not well off to begin with. Tokidoki is the only thing i save up for!

But I am not wanting to make people jealous and I hope what I just wrote doesn't offend anyone. I love my Tokidoki whether or not other people have it and I like it when other people appreciate Simone's artwork too and don't just overlook it because it seems too childish or cartoony or whatever.

So share share your compliments!!! :P


Apr 9, 2007
This guy at Blockbuster, Reyn -- he complimented me on my all-over print tee a while back. That made me happy.

Bubblesung (stephiee) said she was my Amore Gioco's #1 fan...that also made me happy :biggrin: lol.

My friend Raya said she loved my toki bag when I was at a party.

My bf always tells me when I go out and I got alot of tok on..he says I'm 'tokified' haha.

My friend Aaron said he loved all my toki-ness.

That's all I can think of right now that sticks out in my head hahaa.


Nov 11, 2006
Los Angeles
A few weeks ago, I was shopping at Macy's (heading to the tokidoki for lesportsac section) and this girl said "OH MY GOD! I love your bag." I was sporting my Paradiso BV and she was wearing a L'amore gioco, so she is a fellow toki fan. I said "Thank you. I like your bag too." hehe.


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Mar 3, 2007
Honolulu, HI
I'm sure we all love compliments on our tokidoki!! You're not alone!!

My most recent comments were when I went to the Ala Moana LeSportsac the day Spiaggia came in. I went looking for a porta for JessakaMitz and everyone who was looking at the Spiaggia print kept eyeing my zucca. The SA's kept complimenting my bag and telling me all the customers are staring at my bag. Two people asked where I got it, since they don't sell zucca's in Hawaii. And it does feel nice to have something not many people have - that's just natural and the truth!

I had a teenager staring at my bag when I was at Shirokiya to buy a new digital camera. She didn't say anything but every time I looked in her direction she was staring at it. *lol* Several of the mom's of my preschoolers love my bag. One of them put it on her shoulder and said, "Thank you, I'm going now." This particular mom, who has a Pirata bella, LOVES all my bags and constantly tells me to let her know if I ever wanna get rid of my bags. Also, one of my afternoon aide's (who also has a couple tokidoki) loves my bags and always comments on them.

When I went to Ft. Stewart during spring break to visit my best friend. NO ONE has tokidoki in or around that area, including Savannah. I wore my Paradiso gioco to Target and the dressing room attendants commented on how they loved my bag and asked what it was.

Other than that, I just get compliments from fellow tPF-er's when I post photos on here. I'm not surprised I don't constantly get compliments and comments in Hawaii because there's an abundance of tokidoki being carried here.


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Mar 23, 2007
there are a few girls in my 930am class that everytime i walk in with various bags get excited. it's really cute.
they ask me all strange questions about toki.


Apr 9, 2007
Oh yeah, a mom & daughter were squealing in Le Lotus Bleu about my Spiaggia Bambino since it wasn't in Hawaii yet....but that was a few weeks ago lol.

Oh yeah, my friend Edwin said he wanted my Amore Denaro..and he went and bought one! Hahhaahhha.

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Jan 8, 2007
we got more bounce in California!
I love my compliments on my adios star zucca.. mainly from tpfers who know how hard it is to find a truly awesome print.

and anytime im out and see a tokidoki bag (which is pretty often in HI) I usually give a compliment.. and they see my bag and smile, and usually give a compliment back. Its kinda like when I had an older volkswagen Karmann ghia. Anytime another classic vw owner would see it, we would just wave.. kinda like you just understood each other.. haha nerds!


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Dec 21, 2006
Bay Area, CA
hmm lets see...theres always a girl i know in church that ALWAYS asks me if she can see my toki bags everytime i wear a new one...its pretty funny :]

i was shopping @ at outlet mall and one of the SAs at BCBG saw my pirata mamma mia and complimented me on how cute it was :]

whenever i go out for lunch w/ friends they would look over the print and point out stuff they like (for example, they were looking at my spiaggia bv and pointing out cute oddities that are in it :])

i think the biggest compliment of all though is when my mom said to me "since you have SO MANY of those, it wouldnt hurt if i borrowed some right?" its ironic because she's the one who's MOST against my buying more toki! lol! goes to show that toki can grow on ANYBODY :]


May 18, 2007
Orange County, CA
teehee!!! awww, yay! :smile: I love hearing these compliments even though they're not for me!!! :smile:

I have yet to receive a compliment from another Tokidoki fan in real life! that's so cool!

my mom thinks my bags look childish. nyah!!! :P
May 15, 2007
coolest one ever: I was online for a concert, and some guy handing out flyers saw my bag and was like "tokidoki! you WIN!" and we started talking prints, and apparently he was merch guy for one of the openers, and when I went to the merch table, he called the lead singer over and they oogled my bag for a good ten minutes, lol

apparently the whole band weas really into animeish stuff...=D

Miss :Dana

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Apr 16, 2007
At Borders standing in line to pay. The girl in front of me had this GORGEOUS Foresta BV (or was it a MM?) and a Citta Denaro in her hand! I was wearing my Amore MM and had my Pirata Denaro in my hand! We kinda just looked at each other, looked at the bags & denaros, laughed and commented how cuuuute tokidoki is :lol: She even dragged her mom in line and showed her my MM (I guess since it was the "new" print at the time)

At work, I have a coworker that always asks me to look at my bag :smile: She tries to steal them sometimes but I know she's only joking.

My other coworkers dont exactly give me compliments.. more trying to get me to quit tokidoki LOL "Geeez Dana!! You toki freak~ Stopppp it already! You need to quit! Tokidoki is bad for you~ I'm gonna steal your paycheck.." Stuff like that. Haha but I :love: them

Every so often, I see people staring at my bag and whispering comments to each other. Stuff like "have you seen that print yet?!" or "OMG she has a tokidoki bag!"


Mar 22, 2007
Ah just yesterday I was standing in line to pay for something and this woman with a 4y/o girl just STARED at it, and then said 'you have an amazing bag', I was like :nuts:. I just put a metallic qee on and I was so proud.

On the way home I thought about having a thread like this, hehe, weird.