Post your Tods Shoes here!

  1. These are my first pair of Tods but definately not my last. I LOVE these shoes!


    sorry for the bad pic it's my first download
  2. ^^^I LOVED those shoes when I saw them in the boutique!!! I would fall on my face and/or break a leg in those heels, but they are gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. Juilletdix

    Unbelievable as it may seem --- they are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. We have cement floors at work and I can even wear them there
  4. boxermom, love your "mini" collection! They are so cute!

    Juilletdix, great collection!

    Jadeite and mearns, you both have a super collection of Tod's shoes and I love each and every pair of them!

    llson, your shoes and bag are a perfect match!

    redcoloured, those shoes look really comfy and the red nappa pops!
  5. allaborsa, congrats on your first pair of Tod's! Those are seriously sexy!
  6. gemibebe

    Thank you-- I feel great every time I put them on :happydance:

    I can't wait to see the AW collection (which may be out I just haven't seen it yet)
  7. I'm craving a pair of Tod's driving moccasins ... does anyone know if they run true to size? I will have to order them. Thanks!! :flowers:

    BTW, is there anyplace that sells them online? So far the only way I know to get a pair is to call the boutique.
  8. KG

    Neiman Marcus has some on line. I bought mine from the LV store and the SA was great -- I find they did run pretty true to size. Hopefully someone else that has more knowledge about Tod's will chime in. I'm thinking of the driving moc's also
  9. allaborsa - beautiful shoes! Congrats!

    gemibebe - Thank you, I love Tod's shoes (obviously) - I find them to be super comfy and stylish

    kallie girl - I have found the driving mocs to run true to size, I wear 1/2 size larger in the ballerinas and heels HTH
  10. redcolored - I love the navy calf - anything blue :p
  11. i thought it would be appropriate to post my first pair of tod's on my first post!
    i fell in love with the cut of the bilboas. i tried them on and exclaimed to my bf "they're made for my feet!" (im sure im not the only one). love love love tod's. saving up for a pair of ballerinas! :heart::biggrin:
  12. ^^Love the first pair, the brown ones.
  13. I am pretty sure I posted them already (actually I thought in this thread) but since I cannot find them, here I go again. Ballerine in light gray suede, gommini in black patent, ballerine in black&beige (my very favourite), gommini in light beige and mocassini in gray suede. I own another pair of ballerine but did not have time to take a picture, yet.....
    tod_grigie1.jpg tod_nere1.jpg tods2.jpg tod_beige.jpg tods_moc1.jpg
  14. Last weekend made the 1-1/2 hour drive to the nearest Tods outlet [Cabazon] outside of Desert Hot Springs, CA. Anyway, aside from having a wonderful selection of bags they had an even better selection of shoes, all of which were at least 1/2 off what you would pay retail, plus an additional 30% off. Hey the economy is slow and I found that most of the retailers are doing what they can to sell, sell, sell. Anyway, although I did not end up finding the Tod's shoes of my dreams, trying on the different styles at least gave me a solid idea of how the sizes differed. Although I may get slammed, I truly was not feelin the gommini driving moc style, as it felt like I was walking on pebbles. Anyone have this experience -- and if so did you ultimately get used to it. I have wanted a pair of Tods for ages, especially now that I have a bag. Thanks.
  15. I had posted a couple days ago how I was craving a pair of Tod's moccasins and I have them now!! Yay!!!

    I got some very similar to the ones shown above from and they arrived yesterday! I LOVE THEM!!!! Mine don't have the blue inside though, unfortunately. They are so beautifully made and smell heavenly!!! And they run true to size... I usually wear a 6 and these are 36/6... a perfect fit!

    These are the ones I got.

    (Picture from