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Mar 17, 2006
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Just got my hands on this retired Tiffany metro rose cut eternity. It's my first rose cut diamond piece, purchased online, so I wasn't sure what to expect; there's posts saying it's an acquired taste, that it's glass-like, that it's the "anti-diamond", etc...

But I absolutely love it to bits. Rose cut diamonds are flat instead of pointed at the bottom, so it's VERY low-set and super duper comfy between the fingers. Semi-translucent, it takes on a rosy hue from the skin underneath, and reminds me of pale pink diamonds. And it's definitely not glassy; at least, I've never seen glass this beautiful!!

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Here it is next to my 'regular' VCA eternity for comparison. They are similar width, but the carat weight of the stones in the VCA is actually 2.5x more! It's all in the depth, as you can see from the side pic. I even chose this VCA ring for its relative low-set style and comfy wear, but rose cuts really win in that department. Obviously the round brilliants return a lot more light, making the VCA ring look brighter and whiter despite being similar color grades. However there's something really demure, almost ethereal about the way rose cuts sparkle (glow?).

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I really love the rose cut eternity for low-key lux. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing the VCA ring in front of, say, judgy family members, but you can bet that rose cut is coming with me everywhere.

Round brilliants are like "LOOK AT ME! LOOKATME!", while rose cuts are like "I am quietly here", and I appreciate both.
I love the look of your band. I just purchased a white gold version, like you I have traditional eternity bands (cartier platinum) but there was something interesting to me about the cut and look of rose cuts in an eternity band. Hope I like it!
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