Post Your Tiffany Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

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  1. I know many of us here own Tiffany engagement rings. I think it would be nice for us to post our engagement rings here so those who are looking into getting a Tiffany engagement ring can view the rings all in one thread and ask questions. Feel free to share your Tiffany or non Tiffany wedding bands too along with your Tiffany engagement rings.

    I will start off with mine - classic Tiffany ring in platinum. I alternate it with two Tiffany wedding bands: knife edge and the shared prong semi eternity.

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  2. My Tiffany set.
    IMG_8152.JPG IMG_8153.JPG
  3. Novo eternity band by itself, paired with my non tiff Ering & paired with the Tiffany Legacy green tourmaline in case anyone wanted to see how the legacy style & novo look/fit together - just imagine diamond in place of GT - or some love colored stone Erings too :smile:

  4. Here’s mine!

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  5. (I’ve been thinking I might need to get mine resized to a larger size.)
  6. Eye candy!!

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  7. Here is mine. Cushion cut soleste..

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  8. I resized mine and it was easy. It will also make your fingers look slimmer too, so all good! Go for it!
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  9. Gorgeous ring [emoji177]
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  10. I actually went in to the store to get more information, and because my wedding band is a full channel set band (with diamonds all the way around) they said it wouldn’t be cost effective to resize it. So I’m unsure what I will do now.

    What style is your wedding band?

  11. Yes. You cannot resize a full eternity. That is the problem with them. You are better off buying a new one or getting a different style wedding band. I have the Tiffany Solitaire and the knife edge so resizing was a piece of cake. You can still resize your engagement ring.
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  12. True! I wonder how strange it would look/feel to have different sized engagement rings and wedding bands. Or I wonder if this is common?

  13. It might look a bit weird because one ring will still look tight on your fingers and make the skin squish out the side.

    For me, I don’t like the look of tight rings (they make fingers look fatter than they really are), so maybe try a Tiffany solitaire similar to the one you have except in your correct size and see how they goes.
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  14. Here is my Tiffany E-ring and Wedding band. Needless to say, the E-ring is Tiffany Soleste cushion. Wedding band was Tiffany Embrace® band diamond ring 3.5mm but we changed/upgrade to Tiffany Embrace® band diamond ring 3.7mm wide due to the defectiveness in previous one. Pictures show the diamonds were reflecting different color of lighting on top of them.

    [E-ring with Tiffany Embrace® band ring 3.5mm wide]
    [E-ring with Tiffany Embrace® band ring 3.7mm wide]
  15. My humble e ring and wedding band. Novo Cushion and Soleste band. Love it!

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