Post your swarowski jelwery...

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  1. Anyone seen simple pearl stud earrings at the swarovski store? I don't see them online. Someone posted mod shots in the what earrings are you wearing thread. I have 6mm mikimotos but I would like a larger pair and the Swarovski pearls are super cheap! I am not near a store...

  2. pinkboopy love it! Perfect for summer vacay, sun dresses etc.
  3. the only pearl stud earrings I see in the site are the perpetuals =>

    Just wanted to say that Swarovski makes crystal pearls and sells them to other companies (wholesale), so it is possible to buy a simple pair of swarovski crystal pearls from another company.
  4. gorgeous & so classic!!! now you will look like a queen every day ;)
  5. aww thank you my friend!:hbeat:
  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Miss Lily!!!
    I have a 8 TCW tennis necklace and I bet this sparkles more..................
  7. Thank you SQ! Yes it is super sparkly, crystal reflects more light than diamonds because of the way it is cut I guess. But I could never compare it to diamonds, it lacks warmth and it is obviously crystal. Nevertheless I'm always happy with blingies in a very primitive way lol!
  8. 50%off sale. Just ordered Neva bangles! Can't wait.
  9. I LOVE this! I am SO into beachy jewellery at the moment!
  10. Does anyone have a "Chic Ring"?
  11. Love both of these!

    Do the crystals really fall out? That's terrible!

    I was considering buying some Swarovski but you've put me off now ...
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Love everybody's post here. I just started with swarovski jewelries. I guess I am a little crazy for their lovely charms. Here is my little collection. All of them were from last and most current sale. And 4 more are on the way... :graucho:
    Thank you for letting me share. :P

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  14. Can't seem to get a decent photo, but this is my Swarovski ring. It looks pretty plain in the daylight but if I wear it when I go out in the evening it sparkles like crazy under dim tinted lights - gorgeous!

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