Post your swarowski jelwery...

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  1. that is just adorable!
  2. I have this one... (of course, purchased off sale... boo hoo!)

    Gorgeous and I've received a lot of compliments on it. It sparkles beautifully! Don't wear it so much now, but I wore it everyday for several months and it's been banged up against cabinets and whatnot and no signs of loose/missing crystals. I shall take a picture when I am at home. :smile:
  3. Ah, spring is coming soon sooo time to get some new Swarowski:smile:)) Unfortunately, I missed out on the end of the season sale somehow. I am very sorry about that now but the new collection is pretty nice though I am not sure I like it as much as last year's butterflies. Those collections were gorgeous.

    There are a couple I am interested in, I especially like this collection:

    Has anyone gotten something from the new collection or thinking of getting something?
  4. image-1890458217.jpg

    My latest purchase Love the bracelet!!! Im happy yay;)
  5. I just shelled out $900 on Swarovski yesterday. I absolutely love every thing. I'm sharing 2 beloved pieces with you for now 2
  6. Didn't load the jewels (lol)


    Attached Files:

  7. image-1302807830.jpg

  8. Three more!



  9. beatitude, i love your swarovski pieces. very simple and elegant. i love the bracelet.
  10. Yes! I have this one, I love the Swarovski "pearls" !



  11. And, the pearl earrings:



    And, can be worn without the pearls

  12. I absolutely love this frame!
  13. Here's my very first pair of earrings from Swarovski. I love how they sparkle and shine!
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378556262.889509.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378558650.811174.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378558716.326627.jpg
  14. Get this set of jewelry. Very bling but not expensive.

    If you want to get it for free, join their giveaway to winner this set.
  15. here's my small collection

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