Post your Shoe Collection Pics!

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  1. So I've been trying to decide lately if I want to start collecting designer shoes. I have a pretty nice collection now but they're not designer shoes....I just recently learned how to walk in I'm super stoked about that.

    Maybe with a lil' persuasion from the girls here at the Forum...I'll decide whether or not I want to start a shoe phase. :love:

    Could you post your shoe collection (designer or not)?:nuts:
  2. I can't afford to have two, no designer shoes for me :sad: ! But, I do have a nice collection of decent style Manolos or Choos, though!
  3. see? I'm like that too...I have a nice shoe collection, just not any designer shoes.

  4. You don't have enough room on this site for my shoe collection!!!!! HEHE
  5. Are they all designer??

    Please post some!! I would love to see....:nuts:
  6. omg i took poics of half my shoes collection if u do a search ull find it,but those aren't my best shoes, i have rene caovilla , a couple pairs, they are too die for.
  7. I am a shoe fanatic!!! My husband started my addiction about 4 years ago when he bought me a pair of mother of pearl Gucci shoes. I am probably more crazy about shoes than bags...if that is possible. I will wait and hunt down the item I am looking for. I waited 9 years to find a pair of Gucci boots I wanted....and still haven't worn them...but they sure are pretty. I am collecting for my girls....who have already picked out their favorites!!
  8. I totally was NOT into shoes...until I got hooked on Sex and the City...and for some reason something clicked, you know? I realized "hey I need some nice shoes with heels...I can't wear sandals and tennis shoes all year round!".

    I havent bought a pair of designer heels yet but Carrie Bradshaw really turned me on to red-soled Christian Louboutin heels. :love:
  9. Start now and you'll have a new addiction!
  10. They are all designer shoes. Name it and I most likely have it!,... I'm comming back to this thread to post my pictures
  11. what!? please share, I have yet to learn! I can trottle in heels but I can't gracefully walk. :wacko:

    I don't have any high designer shoes (Coach and burberry are the only 'designer' shoes I have) but one day.... :nuts: This post will definitely inspire me!
  12. She's one of my favorites!!!! I'm desperately trying to find her XoXo diamante heels!
  13. woohoo! I'm excited, can't wait!
  14. I have a cute picture... my husband and I recently attended a wedding and the couple even invited our daughter...we were formally dressed, so for fun, I took a pictures of our shoes.[​IMG]
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