Post your September/October Purchases!!

  1. I thought this should be fun to know about your new purchases:tup:

    Mine is the 06 Red lambskin e/w flap bag in silver HW:heart:
  2. What a pretty bag. I will be posting soon. Planning on getting a cabas bag during the Saks event this month....can't wait!
  3. Thanks jfhave:heart:
    Can't wait to see your new bag.....:love:
  4. Hey Celia...That colour is absolutely divine...Where are you getting all these goodies?
  5. Thanks so much sweetie;)

    Most of my beauties are found on eBay lately.:sweatdrop:
  6. lucky gal! Enjoy them!
  7. OMG! Celia that 06 red flap is sooo gorgeous:love::drool: Has that beauty fulfilled your quest for a red flap? I know you wanted the 05 at first but this is just as beautiful!:nuts:
  8. wow i love that 06 red...soooo pretty--was that an eBay find too? =)
  9. That's a gorgeous flap Celia-Hish... the '06 fall red is soo pretty!! :heart:
  10. Cute thread!! :heart: My purchases for Sept./Oct. (and also Nov., Dec., Jan., etc haha... I'm DONE until spring '08 - unless I find my HG violet caviar E/W)! :sweatdrop:

    Brown expandable flap!

    Dark gold 227 reissue! :love:

    Pink caviar medium flap w/ silver h/w!

    All three bags chilln together! :p

    My new favorite black caviar wallet and ring! :heart:
  11. all so pretty.. that red e/w flap is TDF!! congrats...
  12. September purchase : 07A Explandable Tote

    ..and I'm waiting for my October purchase to arrive tomorrow (yay)
  13. So far:
  14. Just got this today: (05 red lambskin)

    I can't believe I actually got most of these in just a month! (05 red lambskin & caviar, bleu fonce & the vintage hobo)
  15. Celia and Percephonie, I am :drool::drool::drool::drool: The search continues for my own red flap :crybaby: