Post your SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Purchases!!!

  1. Looking forward to another beautiful thread full of your wonderful new purchases, ladies and gents!:yes::heart:
  2. Marie girl i got my Violet SGH Day the other day but the status is still on hold till i see the First in Violet also. :confused1:I guess this would be considered my Sept purchase for now.:p
    IMG_3239 (2).JPG IMG_3238 (2).JPG
  3. I just bought this lovely little coin purse on eBay...


    My next purchase should be a Marigold First, whenever they start coming in.
  4. I bought the Violet City and Twiggy Jaune :nuts::yahoo:
    P1010506.JPG P1010514.JPG
  5. Ooh, pretty! I'm so jealous! I've been stalking eBay for a blue coin purse! Congrats!!!:drool:
  6. I bought an 05 BG Pink Twiggy! I don't have her yet though :smile: I'll also be getting a Violet Step - yahoo!:wlae:
  7. Good idea dear Marie :tup::heart: ! Thank you :love:
    I bought a smooshy '05 white Work last days in August (!)but will get it this week (SEPTEMBER), I'll post pictures in 'this' thread I think (?) as soon as I got it ;):yes:
  8. I just got this a couple of days ago ... a little white '05 coin purse! Isn't she cute? I totally want more now!!!
  9. :nuts: OMG!!!!! You got one!!! I can't wait to see it KDC!! Make sure you post pics now that you got a camera :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  10. I have just bought the MOST beautiful deep burgundy city! absolutely gorgeous - I am desperately in love with it and cannot bear to put it down.

    I am very happy! my wallet is a lot less happy though. Worth every penny!
  11. My Steel/Plomb Day! sept.1 008.jpg
  12. Wow, we're off to an excellent start, considering that this is only the third day of September!
  13. thanks for starting this thread Maria! :tup:

    I hope to add something soon :graucho:
  14. I just picked up a violet mini-compagnon, which I've turned into a wristlet with the help of my extra Ink tassel.

    Pics to come in the next couple of days!
  15. bbag 001-1.jpg

    :p My busy Sep/Oct purchases. Ink Box from Barneys sale. Violet Work, Anthracite weekender and black part time.