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  1. IMG_1973.JPG
    My first YSL .. [emoji173]️
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    My new medium Kate.:heart: My first YSL as well. :smile:
  3. Went out to a very rare girl’s night out last night (I’m a first time mom to a 3.5 month old baby)... Used my large college bag, sorry for the poor lighting

    66877ECB-B30E-4EBF-947A-AA2634DB777D.jpeg E1B9098B-D494-4B92-BC87-AD56A3AA68A1.jpeg
  4. My new niki

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  5. Used my yellow small SDJ over the Easter weekend. Went on a mini vacay to Newport with the family

    77A6749F-0C1F-452C-B0CB-582232398572.jpeg 20259974-39BE-4C10-852A-5964E4EC8CDF.jpeg 93004AFD-D6C9-4E95-B28D-9584C351DD31.jpeg
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  6. Thank you! I love yellow in the spring/summer
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  8. Do you like ?
  9. Yes, definitely, I have one yellow bag and find it perfect for now.
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  10. So pretty. I have the Lou Lou black on black.
  11. So my next bag is going to be the LouLou... Similar styles Saint Laurent bags I already are the College in the large size and the Metalesse flap in the medium size.... I'm looking at the beige/natural color (I attached a pic of the color)

    However, I'm torn on the Small or Medium size.... I'm 5'1, 115 lbs... So I'm rather petite, but I can pull off larger bag styles... I have looked at both sizes & they both look well on my frame, just two completely different styles. Any input?! Thanks :heart:

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  12. So I don’t see anywhere else to post this question . I’m 5’5 and have the black small kate with black hardware . I first tried on the Wallet on Chain the chain was a bit shorter but I loved exactly where it sat on my hip . The Kate chain is a little longer . Does anyone have this problem and do you just put a knot in the chain to make it a little shorter ? I don’t want the chain to become tangled . I haven’t worn it out yet
  13. I had the exact same problem with my medium flap (I'm 5'1") & I didn't like it doubled up.... I took a twisty tie (from like a loaf of bread) or you can use a rubber band/hair tie... from the inside, I gathered the two chains together and tied. Now, it's the perfect length and it doesn't get tangled.... here's an example of what I'm talking about... I do this with most my bags now :biggrin:

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