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  1. I love this bag! :smile: :heart:
    I've been eyeing it on the website for a while now, but my local boutique doesn't have any to try on in person, thank you for the photos and the video!

    Do you think the croc embossed leather will be easy to get scratched or is it quite carefree?
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  2. I've had my YSL camera bag for 5 months now. I even wore it out in the rain a few times. The black hardware still looks beautiful. I don't baby my camera bag either. It's my traveling bag so it goes everywhere with me.
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  3. I’ve had mine for 1,5years now I think, you can see a pic a page back or so. It’s an evening woc so I don’t use it weekly, but I have used it at parties, traveled with it and not been super careful and I haven’t seen any chipping. I bought it second hand too, lightly used by previous owner.
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  4. Just got this bumbag [emoji813]️

  5. Shopping with my camera bag [emoji4] 20190330_133421.jpg
  6. Yes it is. I'm 5'10" and have the strap adjusted to its longest setting.
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  7. i used this as a travel bag, have to place it under the plane seat..and not a single scratch till todate...but it does get softer by the day im not sure due to the cold weather or what but i make sure to fill it up with papers when not using it to keep its shape
  8. My new to me Baby SDJ in Dove White pebbled calfskin. I can’t stop staring at it.

    I got an amazing deal for it, and it only needed very light TLC!

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  9. Hi, your bag is the Loulou classic or Loulou with top handle?? Thanks!
  10. Hi, this is the College bag. I think they call it the baby size or small/ mini am not sure [emoji2]
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  11. That is the YSL College Bag in size Medium.
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  12. After asking for opinions last week, I picked up the college medium!

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  13. Lovely bag! And socks! [emoji1]
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  14. #1530 Apr 9, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
    Thank you for the info!

    Nice bag congrats! Could you please share what fit inside this bag and does the strap detachable ?
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