**Post your s/s 12 sale scores**

  1. Beautiful great prices too .... now I want them :sad:
  2. Here is my contribution from the Spring/Summer 2012 sale!

    I hope everyone finds what they are looking for!! :smile:

    Presenting my Loubi Zeppa Crisscross Wedges!


  3. congrats !
    could you post some mod pics please ?
    I was on the edge about those...
    TIA !
  4. I didn't know they were on sale, these are so cool!!
  5. Gorgeous, where did you get them from. Looking for them for myself and my sis. TIA!
  6. In case you are looking, I know that Hirshleifers has them on sale. They have a size 39.5 but I don't know about other sizes.
  7. Both are fabulous, congratulations on a good bargains.

  8. OMG these are so beautiful....I can't wait to see everyone's purchases
  9. Mine will be here tomorrow!!! :nuts:
  10. Congrats everyone on your scores! For those who didn't post modeling pics, please do! :smile: I was able to nab two pairs which, fingers crossed, will arrive before I leave town Wednesday!!

  11. Clear your PM box!!! :p
  12. I should have the Everesta for around $255 but I see no charge or email *sigh*
  13. :love::love:LOVE THESE (had no idea they hit the sale - CONGRATS

  14. Hotttttt. You wear them well . They are perfect on you . Congrats
  15. I'll do some mod pics tomorrow & post them! They are adorable on! :biggrin:

    Thanks! I'm absolutely in love with them!:smile:

    Saks! Try calling around, maybe there are a few pairs lingering. Good Luck! Hope you get them! :smile:

    What two pairs did you get? :smile:

    Thank you so much! I have been smitten with them since I saw them in a Neiman Marcus Catalogue a few months ago. I never dreamed I would get them on sale! Happy shopping! :smile: